Friday, May 20, 2016

The Mystery Handful

Sometimes I get scared digging through my purse looking for something specific. There is always this curiosity, bordering on fear, of what will be found on accident in the bottom of the abyss. I just tried to find my pencil. Instead, I found:

  • 1 knitting needle end stopper thingy
  • 1 small purple rubbery 25 cent machine toy--I cannot figure out what this is
  • 1 lone earring
  • 2 empty gum wrappers
  • 1 traveling hair brush that should really be cleaned out
  • 1 dental floss pick thing
  • 1 glow stick (who doesn't need a glow stick in their purse??)
  • 1 rat-tail comb
  • 1 brochure for a kids' soccer camp
  • 1 small book on OCD (I do not qualify for OCD. . . I'm not sure why I have this)
  • 1 completely empty packet of gum
  • 1 completely empty plastic container for dramamine
Then there is the stuff I WANT to be in my purse
  • 1 pen
  • 1 wallet--not as full as I would like
  • 1 thing of sticky notes--just in case
  • 1 journal
  • 1 book (I never go anywhere without a book. EVER. Except when I do. Then I feel lost.)
Guess what I didn't find? My pencil.

This is a fun game. A couple weeks ago, I reached in to grab my wallet at a checkout... and pulled out a pair of kid undies. Yep. That happened.


Amanda Elaine Eldridge said...

I wish everyone shared the contents of their handbags :D It totally makes me feel less like an awkward hoarder :D

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