Thursday, April 28, 2016

Bursting at the Seams

Sunday we were exposed to hand, foot, and mouth. We skipped church. We skipped soccer and all the other activities, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. You are contagious before you even show symptoms. You are contagious for *one whole month* afterward. I take my responsibility to my fellow mothers in the trenches very seriously. Do No Harm.

Finally, last night I let Moo go to ballet. While she was there, Ash, Aayla, and I went to the park. Nope, we didn't get HFM. We got the stomach flu!

Aayla had just wrapped up her successful negotiation asking for money for having well aimed vomit explosions. I realized I was going to go broke pretty quickly; except when they were really tiny, they have never missed the barf bucket. Roughly 15 minutes later, I tried to give her some medicine, but she projectile vomited... right on to Ameira. It was on her face, arm, shirt, pants, and bare feet. It landed on the blanket that was on me, but other than that, I escaped unscathed.

I must say, while I'm feeling a little horrified and queasy for Ameira's sake, I'm pretty much just elated that it wasn't me. I also wish I'd have had Ameira's reaction on video.

I am the world's worst mother. I'm okay with that. My punishment shall be to shampoo the rug and the couch and wash the blankets.

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