Thursday, January 7, 2016

Wild Game

Before my man went off to save the city from fire on his night off, Ryan took the kiddos out hunting squirrels. My ESTJ child double checked that he had the appropriate licenses before she agreed to go with. The INFP child made sure that her camo matched. The littlest child, who has not been labeled with a personality as of yet... well, his farewell to me concluded with these words, "Bye, mama. Protect yourself. If you need to, use the gun." I love that kid.

Why were they hunting squirrels? Obviously because they are going to make Wild Game Gumbo. The first time he made it he neglected to tell me there was squirrel in it. I assumed it was chicken. I really did think it was delicious. He used up his ducks, geese, some venison, a rabbit, and the "chicken." He also threw some andouille sausage in it. The goose is a bit dark for me and I get nervous about breaking a tooth on an AWOL beebee. I really believe that if he's going to hunt it, we have to eat it. Sometimes, I get a little nervous about our family's collective sanity. He guts the game with the kids, so I guess that counts as science.

And hey, he took the kids out for a couple house and he's cooking. I'm not going to complain about anything.

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