Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ringing in the New Year

I love the newness of the New Year. I love the hope and promise of what is to come. My kids will probably grow taller again. Acey just stood next to the doorway where we keep our tally of heights while putting her shoes on. I made her stand up straight. She's grown 3.5 inches in a year. Whoa. We'll probably do some pretty awesome stuff in school--read some great books, find some cool new facts, do some exciting new stuff. It's all vague and hopeful. I like that. So many doors are open to us this year. I like knowing there are doors that I COULD open.

Something fun and new we're going to do this year: begin observing Knut's Dag. I can't even keep a straight face when I think about it. We're very Swedish. By that, I don't mean I have ever stepped foot into the country. I don't know a lick of the language except a song I (mangled) sang when I was 6. I don't mean that I'm a pure-full-blooded Swede, sadly I'm probably actually more Dutch--but if you ever say that to my face, you'll probably get assaulted. Just kidding. But you will be dead to me. Just kidding again. I mean, in spirit, I'm a full-passioned Swede. It's all in good fun. Now I'm going to take full advantage of my Swedish Heritage (capital letters), and celebrate the day when Canute someone or another was killed. For some reason that means it's the day to take down your Christmas decorations. It's the last official day of Christmas. The last few years I've claimed to be a strict observer of Epiphany--the last day of Christmas, therefore the day I take down my tree. Ha! My friends, if YOU want to be a Swede too, YOU may also have a whole extra WEEK past Epiphany. That's right, friends. Epiphany is January 7. Knut's Dag is January 13. Boom.

That's 13 days past the New Year. Which is 7 days past Christmas. That's TWENTY more days to wring out your money's worth out of that Christmas tree. That's TWENTY extra days to watch that electricity meter go 'round and 'round, feeding those thirsty wires as they support those bulbs. It's awesome.

We aren't going to celebrate until the 16th.

Do you know what is most exciting about it? It's an excuse for a party! I've convinced my family to be lazy with their Christmas decorations with me. We're going to all take down our trees and bring them to my mom's house to have a bonfire. And roast marshmallows. And celebrate that the darkest days of the year are behind us--And we got to keep the cheer/light (CHRIST) in our house through the darkest days. (Please stop the metaphor of Christ being our Christmas decorations there. It begins to look a little suspect if you forget that part and then jump to us standing around a bonfire singing and laughing while our trees burn. Yikes!) And we've got more sunshine coming.

Sunshine is coming, the days are already beginning to last a little longer.

Aslan is on the move.

It's something I'm looking forward to.

I'm also quite pleased with myself that I've declared this is what we're doing, and I've got people that agreed. That's always fun to realize you're leading the way into insanity. They are going to be so excited when I tell them we are going to sing together around the fire. Holding hands.

Then we will put up our red heart decorations. On to the next party...

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