Thursday, December 31, 2015

Peep, Peep!

It's a new year, so what does that have me doing? Of course! Setting new resolutions! I like to set them often, and if you know me, it should come as NO SURPRISE. 

I killed my book goal. And thats really the only one I kept. It was a rough year, with a lot of unexpected twists. I don't even care that the other resolutions fell by the wayside.

This year, I am going to up my reading goal to 65. Chapter books with the kids count, so I have to accommodate them.

I think we're out of our homeschooling slump. You know what is interesting about "different learning" kids? If they are not being challenged they can make school a holy hell for everyone involved. That being said, I threw out her 3rd grade grammar book and bought the 4th grade book. II got on her about doing all her math problems correctly so she could stay on her "odds only" plan. She had been really irritated at me for making her show her work so she was doing a little thing I like to call Passive Resistance. I told her to stop showing her work if she could tell me exactly how she figured it out. Guess what? Peace has been restored. Her brain moves too fast.

I'm currently going through our homeschooling plans for next year (and adjusting my sights for the years ahead). I've been using my homeschooling budget to pick away at curriculum for next year. I'm getting more and more comfortable (even thought it's hard) to let them go at their own pace. It seems so strange saying I have a hard time just letting them do "The Next Thing." However, I do. I very much so do.

Asher will finish his phonics book (Original Parent's Guide to Teaching Your Child to Read) and his kindergarten math curriculum (Singapore). He's been doing copy work and a bit of narration (telling back the story) as his writing. He will do spring soccer again. I don't want to be one of those moms who call all their kids gifted. However, the boy has number sense that is quite uncanny. For sure, he's got it in math. We'll see about the other areas as he gets a little older.

Moo is on track to finish her 1st grade math (Singapore), 1st grade writing (Writing with Ease), halfway through 2nd grade spelling (Spelling Power),  2nd grade grammar (First Language Lessons), I think she reads at a 4th grade level(--but what does that really mean?), She's been sitting in for Earth Science and Astronomy this year, as well as History in the Medieval/Renaissance period. She's been doing ballet/dance. I keep attempting to start teaching her primer level of piano... it just hasn't fit yet. So that will be her K year. 

Ace will finish up her 3rd grade math (Singapore), 4th grade grammar (FLL), 4th grade writing (WWE), 4th grade Spelling (Spelling Power). I tried to pin her down to a reading level and I *think* it's 7th grade. I'll get a lexile number after I test her this spring. Same history and science for Acey. She has done soccer in the fall and wants to do it again in the spring. She's made it through 2 levels of piano in one calendar year. Crazy. We're also going to start and finish the next beginning course of Latin this next semester (Latina Christiana I). This will conclude her second grade year. Ha. 

I know it sounds backwards, but all these insecurities come to the surface when I realize she moves about 2 grade levels above. What if I'm missing something? What if I'm doing it wrong? What if she gets to the end of this and there are HUGE GAPS in her education? Am I doing right by her? and on... and on... and on... But. This is best for now. And when it's no longer best, we will change it up. 

I am really liking the whole concept of doing core studies for a few weeks and then taking a week to do just history, science, art, and fun stuff. It keeps us from going crazy. I am loving the whole lets read together on the couch part. 

This is what is working now. Our local public high school just started partnering with the state university that is not too far away. It's similar to the program my husband did in high school--earning his associates degree. She's already aiming to be finishing school early, this is a good direction to aim for... and have a two-year-degree (or equivalent classes) from a well respected university. Time will tell. It's good to have a long range goal to aim for--I can't operate without one.

I almost have everything purchased for next year's school year. I didn't like waiting for the sale this year, and really, I only scored some latin and a spelling book. I know what I want, so finding it is comparable to finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. That sale is crazy. It's like black friday, the early years.

Annnnnd tonight is NYE. I'm dropping my kids off at my mom's because I want them to have fun. I am feeling like crap and coming back to sleep. My husband, is going to work sick because you can't have your public safety calling in sick on a holiday. Tsk tsk. HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Here is to a year of:

1.) Staying the course in home schooling
2.) Not losing my mind.
3.) Finding my Cooking at Home groove again.
4.) Reading 65 books (no weak books!)
5.) Fighting for my mental health--see #2--hurray Zoloft!

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