Friday, October 16, 2015

This Year Is NOT Like the Other

It's just not working right now. We're pushing through and everyone is mad. That's how our school days are going right now. It's okay. It just means something needs to change--especially since next year, Asher is added in for a fuller schedule. We've been able to get our math, spelling, writing, grammar, music, sports are getting done... but the reading aloud, science, history, latin, art--all the fun crap--is being left out. That's not okay. They aren't fitting because I'm doing it wrong. I'm forgetting that it has to be fluid--it has to be flexible. This year may not look like last year... when I was basically schooling one kid.

Read first--in reading first we will automatically include history, art history, science, religion, Asher's phonics lessons, the kids reading out loud, and even math if we read the Life of Fred books that I've been eyeballing. Then we could do our writing, using the same books covered in reading aloud, at 3 different levels. Asher could copy one word. Moo could copy 5-7 words (her level in Writing with Ease) and narrate small sections. Ace can go for the full amount required at her own level in WWE. I can combine them... and then level them. It will make so many, many things easier, especially next year when Asher gets thrown into the mix a little deeper. Reading aloud, writing, math, grammar, spelling, piano... GO OUTSIDE TO PLAY... play with whatever experiment/project we are doing for whatever subject, then sports. The end. We will cover so much more reading, we will cover all of our subjects. They will be combined in science, history, writing, latin, and art. That's really helpful. I will only have to one-on-one teach spelling (5 minutes per kid, then they independently study their words), math (when it's a new concept), grammar (10 min per kid), piano (30 min...ish...per kid).

I think that's the hardest thing about homeschooling--it's always changing. What works one year, won't the next. What works one month, may not the next. What works one day, may not the next. And it's OKAY. If I, as a proud spontaneous, flexible plan changer, have a hard time with this, how do other people do it?


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