Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Daily Homeschool

Amanda, you said you wanted to know how our homeschool is going daily.

Our Well-Trained Mind and Charlotte Mason influenced homeschool schedule looks a lot like this:

5:45 Devotions
6:15 Workout
7:45 Head home from the gym
7:50 Wake the kids for Breakfast, reviewing our memory work*2
8:40 Math*2 with Acey. Moo's Language and Writing if Ace is fine.
9:40 Acey's break & snack time, Grab Asher and "do letters" (aka phonics*3).
9:55 "Elective" Block

  • Science*4, followed by Spelling and break time *5 on M, T, TH
  • Art*6 & Classical Music, followed by Spelling and break time on F
  • Storytime @ the local library on W

11:15 Ace & Moo History*7, Geography
11:55 Ace Language & Writing Lessons*8, any Latin*9 review worksheets necessary
12:15 Kids reading aloud while I make lunch.
12:45 Lunch while the kids listen to me read, and listen to the Latin audio
1:30 School ends and everyone goes OUTSIDE, minimum 1 hour. PLAY until dinner around 4:30.
2:00 Ryan wakes up.
5:00 Ryan goes to work. Piano Practice for Ace.
6:30 Homework Time for Ace if she didn't accomplish all that was required of her due to passive resistance.

*1Memory work encompasses all subject: math definitions, poetry and bible verses we are memorizing, grammar definitions, history facts and review, science terms, etc Anything from any subject that they will need to remember, it goes in the box. We use Simply Charlotte Mason's memory method.
*2 Singapore Math.
*3 The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading paired with Bananagram tiles.
*4 Reading a lot of library books, going out into nature and observing, observing, observing...
*5 Our own fast-paced version using Spelling Workout. I test them until we have 10 to work on for the week. I highlight some of the activities for the lessons they have passed. They write the words 3 times every day. They test out the next week, followed by a new pre-test for the new week's words.
*6 Drawing with Children, The Children's Book of Art
*7 Story of the World Volumne 1. Read the story (or listen to the audio book), do some map pages from the activity book, add some figures to our timeline, try to do one project a week.
*8 First Language Lessons for the Well-Trained Mind: Moo Level 1, and Ace Level 2. Writing with Ease.
*9 Prima Latina.

I will let that all sink in.


Amanda Elaine Eldridge said...

Awww thank you so much :) So very insightful :) (I know I have a few years yet, but I am trying to get as much info as I can to see what works for us :) )

Nancy said...

It has taken me three years to find what works. There is still endless tweaking. Take heart, you will find your stride!