Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Very Merry Christmas

blah blah blah blah blah homeschool blah blah blah blah new direction blah blah blah blah reading new books on philosophies of homeschooling blah blah blah blah Aayla doesn't fall into the gifted category, PTL, so we get to take off the pressure of all that goes with it, blah blah blah blah looking into path for next year regarding classical education blah blah blah blah finding friends blah blah blah. 

We are taking the month "off" and enjoying it. Aayla is still doing math facts, a weekly "board" math (writing numbers, counting them, making tens, extended form of math (3 tens and 4 ones = 34), and then double digit addition. We are still reading. A lot. She finished her very first chapter book, Ivy and Bean book 4 and is now onto book 5. I love that we've created a reader. Booyah.

I feel like we've been flying through this month and it was wise to take a break with school. We're doing the Jesse tree for the 3rd year and Aayla recognizes the ornaments and has new insights to the stories because of our schoolwork. It continues to be something I feel blesses us a LOT. We've had St. Lucia celebration, holiday cookies, house showings (weirdly a lot of them). We've played with friends and had hot cocoa. We've fit in a lot of Christmas books. We've visited Daddy at the station now that he's not a scruffy man anymore. I made it out for a 3 hour window without kids to go peruse the homeschool bookstore to figure out some things; crazy productive time.

We have gone sledding and done story time at the library already today. We are heading out to see my dad playing Santa at the big public market downtown. We'll head home for supper and then I am heading off to a book club tonight for the VERY FIRST TIME at the library. I received the book on Monday and finished it yesterday. Today it's percolating so I can hopefully follow along in the discussion.

Tomorrow is sledding with friends and maybe some more xmas cookies. Friday is a play date and then a Bethlehem Alive thing. The kids are going to my paretns house overnight on Saturday to do gingerbread houses and play with cousins. We are going to a couple Christmas parties.

We are purposefully not BUSY. We are full. We are thankful. I'm killing BUSY because it runs us ragged. 

I love December. I love the option of having our Christmas break take up this time. :)

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