Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Full Life

We have had a full month. I refuse to use the word busy, because I am currently on a campaign to kill the busy in my life and actually live it. We have been full of important things such as:
learning how to do a five strand braid... er... well enough at least.

We have filled some time by playing with kitty,

and then compensating kitty's patient loving-kindness with cuddles. Poor Whiskey, but he really doesn't run away when given the chance and purrs throughout the "excitement."

There has also been a whole lot of early school going on. We learned about seasons in My Father's World First Grade with the help of Daddy,

and socialized... and gone on "field trips",
and socialized while on said "field trips",

and gone on even more "field trips".

and socialized some more...

It has been a blast and I am tired. Despite being 9 weeks in and schooling when we don't have to, I have been wondering, second-guessing, and really doubting whether I am actually doing a good job. Then, my friend, THEN... I got off the phone with a friend and was about to start getting us ready to go to a park/beach with some friends and my five-year-old had written this list on the white board.

It may not be in a regular list-style, it may not have all the letters written correctly (She flips the W upside down sometimes)... but what my mama-heart sees is a child who first and foremost is a team player who was independent and amazing enough to get us started before she was asked. Second, she was confident enough to give writing a try. Third, she has the skills to sound out words and either spell them correctly (food, kids, fun) or phonetically. Fourth, she thought I may actually forget the kids. ;) haha Never, my dear.

Sigh. I love my life. They will learn all they need to. All is good.

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rightbrainedamoeba said...

what a precious list :) remember, all that matters in the end is that you are doing this for God's glory - and as long as they at least recognize a few letters / words here and there, they are empty canvases! :)