Tuesday, July 23, 2013

One Month Later...

We've passed the house showings by finding a buyer. We've passed negotiations by agreeing on a selling price. We've even passed inspections with just needing to fix the closet door ($40), paint the ceiling (Free), put up a jack pole (free! since we had one laying down there) in the basement. We however have not passed the appraisal. The appraisal was a week and a half ago. He appraised us $7k short of what we need. Our realtors and even the mortgage lender is working hard to make it all work. I haven't heard from my realtor in four days and based on her past behavior I would say that it's not looking good. She doesn't like to tell us bad news, unless I follow up with her of course, until she has a little bit of honey to add to it too. So my guess is that she is working her tail off trying to figure SOMETHING out. I'm not going to bother her because I don't want to know bad news right now.

Instead I will busy myself like it's not even happening.

We have settled on a plan to move in with my sister and brother-in-law's family; they basically have a two bedroom apartment in their basement--minus a shower--that will be all ours. That will be better than sharing a tri-level house with my parents who, while we get a long just fine, may be very used to having their own quiet time and space. I have no doubts we could do it for a month... maybe even two... but after that I don't trust myself to still be uncranky at not having our own space to be just us. I'm kind of possessive that way.

Homeschooling is still going strong. We are in a groove with it and are on week 5 of a planned 7 week stretch. That will give us a week before we move, a week to move/close, and then we would start the next week if we could. (beauty of homeschooling! We can postpone a week if it suits us better!) I am absolutely happy with the curriculum (My Father's World 1st grade). The only part that gets complicated is the books. I think with other curriculum you can buy, you buy the books too. First, I don't want all the books in my house permanently--we have a big enough collection as it is. Second, I would rather save the money where I can--if it saves me $200 to get my act together and get library books, I'm all about it.

That being said, getting books from the library on time was a bit complicated getting used to. We are only allowed ten holds per person and it took me a week to figure out I could place holds with Ryan's card and open up a card for Acey too and place holds. Now I have up to 30 books I can put on hold at a time. Deliveries comes on Tuesday and Fridays, so as soon as I check out a book that came in on hold for me, I can request another one right away. We're in a groove now though and I haven't missed getting the books for each week yet. The list of books for each week varies in quantity, but they also aren't required. It is a recommended book list. I think I read in there somewhere that its a list of options at that. However, we are getting every single one that is listed and also in the library catalog. So far there have been two that our local library networks don't carry. I have decided that since books can be checked out for 3 weeks, I will order the books 3 weeks ahead of time and just color code them with a sticky note and store them on a shelf the kids can't get to. Renewing them if it gets too close is a matter of clicking a couple buttons--I haven't had them deny my renew request yet. However, I haven't needed to renew yet either (except on the just for fun books I did).

It is a lot of books. A LOT. It makes me glad we don't do much TV at all. There would be no time. The kids watch a show at some point during the week. I don't even have to say no anymore, they've quit asking and instead bring me books. My heart goes WHOOHOOOO!!! When it happens. We are on week 5 of school and that means we have read 71 books for "school" purposes alone (just for 1st grade). That doesn't include the fun books we've been reading. We have a chapter book going at all times and the girls have a book basket they have going of books that they can read independently. Asher has a book basket too of books he can look at all by himself and pretend to read such as Goodnight Gorilla, Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?, (and all the books in that series with the baby bear, polar bear) etc. The chapter books we've read (that I remember) are Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales--whoa... that's a shocker if you want one, a bunch of the Bean and Ivy books, and right now we're reading The House at Pooh's Corner A. A. Milne. I am not a disney fan and never really have been. It was a blessing reading through Honey for a Child's Heart and having her confirm a lot of what I knew without knowing I knew. I felt myself saying, "YES!!" to a lot of her points about not diluting literature for kids because it can be life forming, character building type of learning. Sigh, anyway, that's a tangent I don't need to get on right now. So we've been kicking butt in the summer reading program through the library. Ha. Understatement.

I have to admit I'm a little nervous about getting busted using our current library cards at the new library once we move. I will be eventually have the books we request delivered to the library we will be living by, but... what happens if they someone stop our current town's library card since we don't live here anymore. Someone please tell that control freak side of my personality to cool it so God can stop trying to teach me lessons on not controlling things!! It will all work out, it will all work out because God is in control and He cares for me and is developing my character.

I am absolutely loving the homeschool thing. I absolutely love the flexibility of it. We had plans today so we skipped... we'll do it tomorrow. This is how I needed it to be when Acey was in preschool and needed to be there when class was going on. Granted it was twice a week, but it just felt SO OPPRESSIVE when I had errands to do that needed to get done and I couldn't do them because I was going to have to pick her up in twenty minutes... or it was a nice day and I wanted to take the kids someplace cool. We get to do that with homeschool. Also? If we have downtime on a Sunday and there is nothing stopping us... we can do some school to make the other days shorter. It's such a great fit for right now.

I was doing Moo (3) in the K curriculum because she is already doing most of it anyway. She just isn't ready for the structure of it, so I have put it away and am saving the stuff I bought for maybe next year. She can still do some stuff with us when she wants to, but after that first week, the novelty of it wore off and it was very apparent she wasn't ready. I don't want to rush her and ruin it for her. She is already reading vowel, consonant, vowel words and she knows how to write her numbers 0-10. Somehow I have been blessed with two kiddos that are so very smart love to learn. That is just too important to be tainted by being too structured too soon.

Ryan's schedule for his new position is a bit complicated getting used to too. Last Thursday, he was expected home at 11pm and didn't get home until 7:45 in the morning. My phone had died at some point and there was a mix up where he thought he had texted me (so when my phone was charged I wouldn't have to wait to hear from him but would have a text explaining everything right away) but it didn't go through. Needless to say, I was very upset around 3am and was ready to start busting some balls and driving backroads--not sure if I would murder him or hug him whenever I did find him. Thankfully he had a break in what he was doing and called me to see if my phone had been charged yet. That was an intense conversation for the first 5 minutes before I calmed down. To be honest, I thought he was out with friends being an idiot... or worse by himself being an idiot. I had no other explanation for him being EIGHT HOURS LATE. Tonight he texted as soon as he found out that it would be another long night with a complicated case they are working on. Good husband. Now that it is about 11:15, when he should be getting home, I can confidently put my worry head away and carry on as I should knowing all is well with my loved ones. My kids are in bed and my husband is safe (hopefully) at work. His new position is growing on me and I have a feeling I am going to have a hard time when this little gig is up and he goes back to his normal hours.

Blah, blah, blah.

I have watched a total of 4 hours of TV since my last post (that is 4 shows) which is 3 days shy of one month ago. Booyah. I have also read 3 novels. That's something I can be proud of.

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