Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Life Keeps Moving

We don't have a TV (because I don't have space for one), so normally watch all our shows on Hulu. I have been unintentionally Hulu free for the past two weeks and instead of just not missing it, I am realizing how much I love not watching it. It's eye-opening how much of my life I was missing and how much easier it is to be nice to the kids because I didn't stay up too late or feel entitled to watch one with them around (getting irritated when they interupt or talk too loud, etc). The hours stored up in my queue (since I really slowed my habit a few months ago) is 67 HOURS.

67 HOURS. 

67 hours spent mostly after the kids are in bed on a night that Ryan works anyway. 67 hours I can spend doing something that has value; something I have been saying I don't have time to do anymore since having kids. Nothing puts into perspective "just a show or two a night" like that. I still plan to watch something every once in a while, but I'm going to hack my subscription list down, thats for sure. Lesson learned.

We started up homeschool Monday. I'm sure there will be rough days, but I absolutely am loving it so far. I was fun to sit with the kids for a couple hours and go through the lesson plans already laid out for me. My thought process is that if we can get through as much school as possible now, then we can take off a few weeks when we move (see, WHEN, not if) without falling behind. We also will get to take off December, get a week off after every 5 or 6 weeks of school, and be done at the end of April. We do most of our outside play in May and June. July and August seems to find us bored and hot. So why not get school done and out of the way so when we feel like playing we can? We are homeschoolers, we do what we waaaaant. I think it's going to work splendidly. Yay!

We may have found a buyer for the house. Inspections were last night, I don't feel obsessive about getting the results. I am growing as a person! 

I took the kids camping without Ryan last weekend. I went with another Solo-Mama (not to be confused with a single mama). We went to Glen Arbor, MI and spent time biking, swimming in Lake Michigan, playing around camp, walking around Glen Arbor, and hiking. We hiked Pyramid Point (one of my favorite places in Michigan!) and climbed the official Dune Climb at Sleeping Bear Dunes. I have added another Solo-Mama camping trip to the calendar for the summer because of how well this one went. I want to see about backpacking in to Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness Area with them and camping for a couple days. Nordhouse trails would be about a mile and we'd be right on Lake Michigan. We could camp just in the trees but spend the entire day at the beach. It is going to be fantastic. There aren't many weekends/days we can camp with Ryan because of his schedule. Sometimes its harder to camp with other people because with kids this small we still have follow our own little unpredictable rhythm. 

I used to feel guilty for wanting to try it without Ryan, but I'm over it. Now I just get to hear little comments from other people on the subject. I will soon be over that too; not yet. It's not Ryan's fault that his schedule is like it is. He is not a work-aholic, he is an involved Daddy, but his schedule makes him unavailable to us quite a bit. It's not my fault that I'm alone with the kids so much either. It's definitely not the kids' fault. So why should we just sit around and wait for all the schedules to align? If we are bored and lonely for Daddy, why wouldn't we go distract ourselves with something as fantastic, healthy, and fun as camping? I'm realizing that to be a great police wife, you have to be strong and independent or you won't survive well. Someone else's husband once told me that an independent streak in a wife isn't exactly a great quality. He works a 6-4pm job, is home every night for dinner, had one kid (at the time), and was used to getting to do everything together with his wife (even grocery shopping!! Wouldn't that be nice! ha). Maybe an independent streak in his wife would be a bad thing because they've already found their stride as a couple. If I wasn't independent...  I can't even imagine how annoyed Ryan would be with my needy, clingy self. I can't even imagine how annoyed I would be at myself. I would suffocate. Nansi would shrivel up and die... and we'd all only be left with Nancy; not good, people--not good at all. We don't have the luxury of doing everything together. My life would be pretty dull if I waited for the hours of 2:30-4pm half the days and 2:30-8:30pm on a quarter of the days and then the other quarter we'd actually be able to DO something if he wasn't already obligated to do anythign else (like maintain his man friendships, work at the local fire dept, have any sort of hobby, etc, etc). We have our stride. My husband is happy. I am happy. I will not be made to feel guilty about it by someone else. Sigh. Anyway, these are the things I tell myself when I hear the comments. Like I said, I am not over it yet, but I will be soon, I'm sure.

The girls are almost out of VBS so I shall stop the ramblings, add pictures later, and get on with my day! 

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