Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm Committed

This has to be the third or fourth night in a row that I have been awake past 1 am. I have cancer sores in my mouth. Why, you ask? Oh, no reason except I have committed financially ($$$$$) to homeschool next year. NO BIG DEAL.

*Correction 6/13/13: small little typos that make a big difference... canKer sores, not cancer sores.

I have a different reason why we are homeschool depending on who is asking... depending on the day. Basically my answer comes down to; because I want to. For those that don't think it's valid to just say, "because I can't fathom sending my kid away to be raised by someone else", or "because I don't exactly trust a system to keep her challenged or learning because she's so dang smart in some areas and so completely normal in others" or "because I like her so much I want to spend more time with her"...then I say, "because I don't know where we will be in the fall and I don't want to start her in one school district just to have to rip her out of it to put her in another IF we move." And now... dun, dun, dun.... Ryan's schedule maybe be changing again to the 1pm-11pm M-Th and 1pm-3pm on F (with Weekends off). Tell me when a little 5 year old daddy's girl is going to see her beloved Daddy if she is going to school from 8:45am until 3:30pm. She's not. That would crush me to my core. Little kids are supposed to get more than 30 minutes with her parent on weekdays. I just am 100% certain this is what God has for us this year. I have peace about the "should we??" part ... and am feeling a little insecure about the "how do we??" part.

My new local friend and fellow church member, Megan, and I went to a homeschool curriculum sale. It was a good part Black Friday shopping and a good part garage-sale-on-thursday-morning. It was insane. I walked in and stood in shock for a minute or two, then I clung to Megan like a shy 3-year-old at a play date with new kids. I couldn't ask questions, I couldn't even browse... all I could do was look around and move along with her for at least the first 25% of it.

Here is what I learned:

  1. Megan knows how to pump people for information I wouldn't even think to ask for.
  2. Homeschooling people are F R I E N D L Y.
  3. Homeschoolers actually aren't a "type." There were people ranging from Mennonite, classic long-haired-long-skirts-30-year-out-of-date type people, all the way to people I wouldn't have pegged as homeschoolers at all. There are weird schoolers anywhere there is schooling taking place. Look at all these stereotypes I've been carrying around! Judgy judgy judgy without even realizing it.
  4. Everyone's advice ended with, "but seriously, just have FUN with it. It goes so fast." I feel liberated and now actually stand a chance of just having fun with it.
  5. Everyone had a different opinion about everything which means that I, too, am entitled to my very own opinion and experiences regarding my choices. That is a weight off my shoulders.
I plan to start Acey in 1st grade curriculum which I purchased from the website. I couldn't work up the confidence to piece together people's old stuff to make a complete package. First, they reworked first grade so that it's new this year... so I chickened out of buying the old one. Second, all that self doubt about if I left something out on accident, would I even know? Would I screw myself and not realize it until we were in the trenches?? Too chaotic for my brain, so I stuck with what I knew would work--ordering from the site. No regrets.

I kept going back and forth between buying the K curriculum because it's so expensive and I know we'd end up needing 1st. I just am worried that Acey may need to go back for some of it and refresh or relearn some old material since she has not officially done Kindergarten. I see her struggling with place value and that's a big deal. I also wondered if Ameira was going to want to start doing school with us since Acey gets to. Ameira is already reading too, but isn't even supposed to be starting preschool this year. She is a fall birthday so should be starting preschool in the fall of '14 and K in the fall of '15. I am not intentionally trying to make assimilation back into a public school difficult but somehow she accidentally learned to read. She has actually been correcting/helping Acey read some books and it's been a little shocking for Ryan and I. So I plan to take the K curriculum REALLY slow for her and work through it only on the days that she happens to be there with us instead of napping. I was able to find My Father's World K curriculum for $25 at the Insanity Sale. I bought the Student workbook online for $40 and a few of the supplements for a grand total of $70. $70 for K curriculum instead of $125 (for the basic package)... I did pretty good.

My husband's parents (remember how I said they are awesome people?) have offered to help with the total cost of it. They are some of the most generous people I know, but don't tell them I said that.

Tonight I am waiting for the curriculum to come. It shipped today and I wish they gave tracking information so I could obsessively check the status of the package. Sigh. 

I'm playing with the calendar right now. I am thinking since we MAY OR MAY NOT be moving this year, I want to start school in July. Then if we have to take a few weeks off because of everything that is going on, it won't be a big deal and we will still be done "on time." I want to end school by Memorial Weekend. Those that are aware of the National Holiday That Is My Birthday will understand why. It's just the kick of to summer and I always get antsy around then anyway. I'd rather get started in July (since Ace was finished with preschool the second week of May) and take it all really slow. We will basically be doing one week's worth of school and taking 4 days off. If it's too slow of a pace, we'll go faster and then just take longer breaks. We'll see... because that's the beauty of homeschool--we can learn how we want to.

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