Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Silent Migrane

Today we were supposed to be celebrating my birthday, but life hijacked the day. A flat tire, rain, grumpy kids, and having to prepare for a couple house showings made it a rough morning. I canceled the house showings, Ryan took the van to get fixed (only $15!), and the kids went down for a nap.

However... I knew it was coming. I have been down with a migraine for almost 5 hours and am coming off of it--I'm in the "hang-over" stage of the migraine. I get no headache with it, which I am SO thankful for. I get all the other good stuff; pre-migraine, aura, and the intense vertigo, and then the hungover feeling.

Usually sleep helps, but it didn't this time. Usually Excederin migraine helps, but this time --even at the 3 hour mark--it didn't. I got a little desperate because of the nausea and looked online to see if anything I already have would help. Peppermint oil! Maybe it's in my head. It very well could be. Even so, within 10 minutes of rubbing a drop behind my ears, over my forehead, and under my nose--I stopped barfing and feeling sea sick. It's still the weird feeling, but I can see straight at least.

I'd rather have a silent migraine than a regular one! Grateful.

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