Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sewing Bug Bit Me

Now that I have finished my dressform cover I have decided to go back to the shirt that I made with my last ill fitting pattern. I also completely screwed up the neckline and ended up raising the white flag, taping the neckline with scotch tape so it laid flat, and wearing it anyway. Of course I did. I liked the way it felt and how long it was. I should probably care more about what others think. I have almost seam ripped it all apart and plan to cut the pieces according to my new pattern pieces. I read these types of projects are called UFO by the sewing community and that makes me laugh. UnFinished Objects. I have a kind of alien mind picture going on.

Since I last finished this shirt I have learned about how to finish a neckline appropriately, how to use a double needle, and of course... How to draft a pattern sloper correctly. I have higher hopes for the end product. That is the beauty of it--I can seam rip it and restart it without wasting material.

I was excited for my victory and celebrating in my mind yesterday as I was getting ready for bed. I took off my bra and changed into my PJs and realized I was going to have to bite the bullet and order a new bra...soon. I am down to one. I need to learn to make my own. Washing it at night while I sleep so it's dry in the AM has been kind of annoying. It's getting the "worn out color" and getting a little stretched out. Well... If I really am committed to learning how to make my own clothes, why not learn to make a bra? I am sure it will take some practice for the fitting part, so I am sure I won't get it right the first time--but obviously I am not afraid of that. I have proven that already by wearing a shirt with a scotch-taped collar. I usually spend about $80-90 on bras that fit. I usually am a 32 or 34 (depending on the year) band size with a bust measurement falling about 8 inches bigger than my band size. Whether that puts it at an H or a EE... i get confused by the non-standardized ways they come up with their size labels once you get past a D. Not exactly department store size. They either go A B C D DD DDD E EE F G H... or A B C D E F G H... Or A B C D DD E EE F G H... And on and on. No consistency so it really is important to know your measurements. I am noticing a lot of gaping with my current bra, so I may have shrunk some more. (!!) Hallelujah.

I found this sew along challenge for making bras that was finished a while ago--all the info is there and it seems like something I can do. It uses a pattern, and I feel like I understand fit better now so I could use one successfully without turning off my brain and ending with something taking a lot of time without giving me something that fits.

Sewing a bra to replace one I would have to buy seems like an obvious solution. I want to take this skill from "hobby" to practical skill. Even if it costs me $40 to make my own bra (which sounds excessive to me) it will still save me about that much. I may even be able to own more than 2 bras at a time for the first time since I was 16 and a 32C buying a bra simply because it was pretty. Maybe I will be able to own pretty bras again? Maybe. Lets start with one that works.

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