Sunday, May 19, 2013

Better Get to Gettin'

I've been working up the guts to get started making a bra since my last post. I'm a little more motivated now that the underwire on my last working bra has popped out of it's casing. So, here goes nothing. I have big expectations that I will be able to sew a fancy bathing suit with underwires at some point after adding this skill to my list.

1. Find a tutorial: Check.

2. Figure out what size I am: Check.
I've been noticing that my bra band is a bit loose. I assumed that it was because it was just old and worn out. Also, the cups haven't exactly been filled up like they used to be. I bought this bra after having just stopped nursing Asher in February 2012. I assumed I would change sizes so I got it a little tight. Lately I can "pinch out" a lot of extra material, so I was guessing the difference would be more than just one cup size. I know, I should have taken care of it a while ago. Buying new bras is just such a production that I avoid it until I am sure that I can't make my current bra last one minute longer. This stabbing pain in my side, literally, has assured me it's time. So I have lost an inch off my band size and 3 inches off my cup size. Whoa.

3. Find a Pattern: on hold...
Pin-Up Girls' Classic Full Band Bra. It looks to be a basic bra pattern that would be able to be used on a range of sizes. If I can trace off my pattern, I would be able to save and reuse the pattern if I ever change sizes. Theoretically. This is the pattern that the tutorial goes through. The tricky part is that where I'm at size-wise is at the very end of the size range. If I don't do this right, I will end up with a pattern that I can't use... or have to alter a lot. From the pattern is $20. I'd pay that. The price to have it shipped is another $16. $36 for just a pattern really seems excessive to me. I may have to see what the local fabric store has again.

4. Find Supplies: to be continued...
I was a bit overwhelmed when I went to the fabric store because they started suggesting substituting fabric when they didn't recognize what I was asking for. I don't really want saggy grandma boobs because I used the wrong fabric. However, I just filled an online shopping cart with the kits needed, the pattern, and underwires... and $61.50 for the supplies and another $20 for shipping doesn't exactly appeal to me. $81.50 is serious money. So now I'm thinking I should put in the effort to price out the individual material and notion choices. It really intimidates me.

Am I brave enough to do this? Am I smart enough to figure it out, start to finish? Am I skilled enough to actually complete this?

Jury is still out.


Julie Clapp said...

"Big expectations"...pun intended? Do. It.

Nancy said...

No pun intended, but giggling now that you pointed it out! You say do it, but that may mean you have to come help me when I get in over my head, Ms home-ec minor with college level sewing classes. ;)