Wednesday, April 10, 2013

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman... Woman!

Since going down the road of Little Housing It, I have been challenged to take our beauty products a little further. If I'm being real, it has a little to do with that and a lot to do with the fact that I just spent $22 on a teensy little pot of eye liner. It is awesome eyeliner, don't get me wrong... but it was $22. Maybe I could do better.

I decided to write down everything that I use on a list and investigate how to do them cheaper and naturally. I don't have any desire to do them ALL right NOW (we have a lot going on), but as I need to replace them, I will refer to this list and then hopefully grab some pictures and tell you how it went. I've added a short list of ingredients and a link to where to find the tutorial. The following list started small but I added a few things because of how easy it was to find sites with instructions and recipes. I only started wearing lipstick when we switched churches and I felt less conspicuous trying a new thing. It's easier to pretend it's normal when everyone else assumes it is normal for you. I have been waxing my own eyebrows for a while with a salon quality wax warmer. I love it. I loathe plucking my eyebrows. I also can wax other random things for the (not at all) fun of it. I waxed my armpits once. I would rather wax my own bikini line a million times than ever do that again. Add that to the list that makes Nancy cuss like a sailor. I wear hardly any makeup because if I'm being honest, since starting down the road of being aware of chemicals... it just plain creeps me out. I would totally wear foundation and powder if I didn't feel like my skin was dying underneath it all. I have managed to not put sunscreen on my kids except in one or two incidents in the last three years... YEARS. I would like to this summer so we can spend all day at the beach now that Asher is old enough to not make us miserable.

We are currently doing the shampoo and deodorant--both are going well and they feel normal now. The enthusiasm over the novelty of it has worn off, but I am still not seeing any reason to change it up any time soon. I am ordering lye and some essential oils for soap since we are basically out. Hoping to get it done this weekend.
And just for kicks and grins, here is an interesting article regarding making Natural Living a god in your life. Great reminder to keep it all in perspective:

And as a side note: My little stats thing has consistently read about 2-3 hits on this thing. After putting in those little "after the jump" links... I have had about 50-60 hits (not spam robots as far as I can tell) reading here. THANK YOU! I'm impressed! I mostly think of this thing as me talking to myself... and Julie. I don't plan to alter my content to reach a broader audience, but I have been interested to know what is going on here. If you are a regular person on here, would you mind introducing yourself? Just for curiosity sake. 


rightbrainedamoeba said...

it be me, amanda :) lookin' for a fellow homesteader (even though we're steadin' someone else's home currently)

Nancy said...

Woot! Woot! Amanda! :) it's nice having you on here.