Monday, April 8, 2013

You Didn't Miss Those Posts...

You may want to check out my older posts as far back as January...

I needed a place to spill some beans without telling our family and friends who'd bust us. I began a little blog in hiding but have moved all the posts back to my home here, Small Everydays. It was a big dream that started, gained momentum, and pretty much killed itself--which is exactly what I wanted it to have the freedom to do. We haven't given up yet, but my heart is okay if it doesn't work. I feel like it has sunk it's roots deep enough to stand on it's own here so it has come home.


You may also notice some "after the jump" type things. I'm attempting to go legit with this blog and need to see how many followers I ACTUALLY have. Rumor is that reading it through a reader doesn't give me credit for it being read. The "before jumps" will show up in your readers to let you know something is new. The "After the jump" will give me credit for you reading it. That is what we call a good ol' fashioned compromise.

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