Monday, April 15, 2013

Living in Reality

I have come away from today with one very large realization: Trust my instincts.

They lowballed us. Then they accepted our counteroffer of full price. Weird. We are pretty sure they never even had inspections, but they pretended and then backed out of the sale. They will not provide a reason anymore specific than "because of inspections." They will not provide a copy of the inspections. They will not even tell us who they used. Sound fishy to you?

When they had lowballed us, I told Ryan that I just didn't think these were going to be the buyers that actually went through with it. If you are serious about a property, then you would give a serious offer. My bet is that the first offer was closer to her (it was a single woman trying to buy the house) budget. When we countered she wanted it and was going to try to make it work, but then got cold feet. Nothing else makes any sense. The truth is we won't ever know.

I wish we wouldn't have messed with them, because we've wasted two weeks. All that stress and work put into getting ready for them has been wasted. And while I know that we'll have another buyer, I still feel like it's put a black mark on our sale. People will wonder what's wrong with the house and we'll lose some of that momentum.

I wish I could also show them what "Lake Bob & Judy" looks like today... exactly 2 days after the last picture. See? 

It's okay.

I really hate the drama surrounding this. However, I'd rather live in the reality of knowing it didn't go through than live another minute in the stress and "what ifs" of wondering and waiting to hear.

It didn't work out. We didn't give up. We are okay. I'm glad we know. I'm glad we can get moving again.

Since we cannot wallow in self-pity regarding the house when there are children underfoot, we distracted ourselves with a birthday party for a little buddy. He hosted his party at Spring Lake Aquatic Center. My kiddos loved it. Water dumping randomly, fountains, a slide (that they were too young to go down), a small lazy river, some moving "lily pads" to balance on, a toddler slide, and a shallow end going from 0 to 5' (? no idea... ). The girls wore little life jackets that are geared toward swimming and don't constantly try to flip you to your back. Asher still wore the flip-you-over kind. I am going to have to get him one this summer for sure. Ryan had to leave about 20 minutes into it, so I was solo parenting 3 kids in a pool. Stressful. I quickly realized that I do not have to worry about Aayla. I also realized that Asher is insane and I most certainly have to watch him like a hawk. And, one more, I also realized that I shouldn't have to worry about Ameira, but she makes me... because she is a chicken. She was floating and treading water just fine... but screaming like she was drowning whenever I took more than a step away from her. Why would I take a step away from her? Oh, I don't know... because the two year old wanted to "whim" like the big kids in 4' deep water... or wanted to run down the edge of the pool and jump in all by himself.

Summer is looking really promising this year. I cannot wait for it to be done snowing (yes, it really snowed this morning. Enough to collect and stay for at least half the day.)


Our chickens are dead. All of them. 

The End.

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