Thursday, April 4, 2013

Got A Bite!

We listed Sunday afternoon around 4pm. We had one showing Monday. We had four showings Tuesday. Tuesday at 2 pm, we received a lowball offer. It made me irritated--but only because I knew we couldn't get even close to it. We countered with $100 more than asking price and giving $3k in closing costs.

They accepted.

They accepted??!?!!!?!?

They accepted!!!!!!!!!!!

Inspections have to happen within 10 days. So we will wait for that. I expect trouble regarding the wiring. They want us out the day after my birthday, also known as May 27... Also known as the most sacred Nancy days of the year.

God took my little prayer and listened. He agreed my kids couldn't take a normalcy of "show ready." Thank you, God!

Trying not to be consumed by anxiety. Trying to fight the temptation to pack it all up today. Trying to fight the temptation to give up on the Tiny house completely and start looking for property just to know what the next step is.

Julie sent me this.

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