Friday, April 26, 2013

Dirty Children

I realized today as my kids were running wild at this pretty awesome open space "park", which was actually a 3 mile trail through the woods, that I can't remember how long it has been since I bathed them. Oops. And the only reason I thought of it was because I was mentally running through the day and noting that my Bro-in-law was coming today to install a new hot water heater. Hmmm I know I thought on Sunday as we were walking into church that I should have given them a bath... but I hadn't. I don't remember giving them a bath anytime this week. The best part is, I was helping moo pop a squat in the woods and she said, "Mom, it's probably time we took a bath because my bottom is starting to smell. No one likes a smelly bottom."

No they do not. I am a terrible mother.

Tonight, even though everyone was terribly grumpy, extra tired from playing outside ALL. DAY. LONG, and fighting with each other, I broke down and threw them in the bath. Essentially ending what could have been a Guinness World Record streak of longest unintentional bath strike.

However, I looked at the baking soda container. I am so grumpy. I am so tired. Asher and moo have ear infections and the attitude to go with it. All I could think of was a few words each containing about 4 letters.

I decided to throw caution to the wind and use the dang soap bar that is curing still. It's been a week. I double checked on the good old Internet and consensus is that it is safe after a few days and most DEFINITELY safe after a week. I decided I'd just use it on their heads... And then their bodies.

It lathered up great. It was easy to use. It smelled great. Their hair looked clean. I didn't think ahead to conditioner, but I now am reading to just use vinegar like the no poo method. Every once in a while
I could use coconut oil on the ends, per The Internet.

My hands are so incredibly dry. I am thinking I will have to make a lotion up fast if I expect to use this on their skins. Yikes. I also know that the longer it cures, the milder it gets.

Sigh. Their heads are clean. Their bottoms don't smell. I will bathe them again tomorrow so they are clean for church on Sunday. At least if I can stick to Saturday nights I know they will get clean at LEAST once a week.

Seriously, what is wrong with me.

I should stamp a date stamp behind their ear after their baths. It would dissolve with each new bath and I would never wonder...

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