Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Few Bits of Facts Peppered Into THE Dream

Ryan has changed his mind about when we will list the house for sale; I have two weeks to get us show  ready. I plan to do as much as possible without him, giving him time to study for his exam (for a promotion at work). This is neither unfair or irritating to me. I plan to contact the realtor once I double-confirm with Ryan today that he is sure.

It feels a little more real.

I also just talked to the bank and things are a little different than I anticipated; but that is why I planned to talk to a bank. I assumed we'd have to have 20% down to purchase land, but it's actually 25%. That's okay. According the banker I talked to, we will pay our 25% down, and when we are ready we can get an appraisal of our property/proposed house, secure a construction loan (which is a 1 year ARM) using the equity we've built up on the property. The equity we've built must equal 20% of the combined property and house. We'd have 11 months from the beginning of the construction loan to finish the house. I wasn't expecting the equity in the property to count toward the house.

We can totally do this.

We'd have to commit to the tiny house for 3 years... or cut out early and rent. We'd be fine financially if we rented, so it wouldn't be that big of a deal. I am pretty sure we'd be just fine, but I like to have back up plans for my back up plans.

Now to address the legality of living in our "camper" on our own property.

I'm planning to go clean out some closets at my parent's house this Friday & Saturday while Ryan is working. I have a lot of arrangements to make for our chickens, things, and a couple handy man projects that I want to hire out to free up Ryan. I don't think he'll be happy about that, but I think it's necessary.

I feel like we are a point where it's SO CLOSE; four years worth of dreaming, hoping, planning... its all started to move a little faster. Only a teensy bit faster, but it's happening.