Saturday, February 16, 2013

Rewriting the Calendar

Sometimes I wish I could re-write the calendar. It would just make my own, personal life so much more convenient. And of course, it's all about me.

I wish instead of 7 squares in a week there were 14. Ryan's 2-week repeating block work schedule dictates everything, and that's okay. I get so disoriented when I'm gearing up for a 3 day stretch solo parenting (basically, except for a 2 hour break with him) and people are making plans for the weekend. The weekend does not mean to me what it means to everyone else. I get so confused when I say, WHOOHOOO IT'S MONDAY!!! and people do not share my enthusiasm. [Every other] Mondays to me mean that my 3 day stretch of solo parenting is complete and we get some daddy time! Ha.

Heaven forbid I accidentally post on Facebook that I spent my Friday night sewing or scrubbing a tile floor... Everyone will know how lame I am. But wait!! It's really a Monday morning to me!! You would scrub a kitchen floor on a Monday morning, right?! Yea! Posting how awesome, and lazy of day I had on a Monday grates on people's nerves. We are supposed to HATE Mondays.

See? I should just re-write it all.

It's all about validating my awesomeness.

A Monday in 2009. Snowshoeing (and picking up litter from the snowmobilers without a conscience.)

A Friday night in 2012. Cleaning the house... having never changed out of our pajamas (We're so cool that Asher slept in his dress up shirt).

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