Thursday, January 31, 2013

Living Smaller in the Kitchen

I'm going through my kitchen and trying to rethink how we do it and what we actually NEED. This is going to be such an amazing exercise for my brain; need vs. want.

Kid dinnerware, kid silverware, half of our coffee mugs, our extra strainer, most of our kitchen knives, and random cooking utensils just for starters. Thinking bigger and more specifically about electricity... makes it a little more uncomfortable.

Toaster, microwave, hand mixer out. Food processor, Kitchen-Aide stand mixer, bread machine in. I can't live with out these bulky, electric contraptions unless we will also return to eating overly processed meals every night.

Our toaster has one job; to make toast or bagels that we eat every six months or so. I am not worried about heating a pan and toasting them or toasting them in the oven. Our hand mixer only does one job in our home; beating egg whites stiff. A job that could also be done with my stand mixer or one of those hand mixers like these. The microwave on the other hand... oh boy.

When I initially think about living without a microwave I think, sweet. I don't think I could even say how often I use it. A good way to find out is to unplug it.

When I think how to actually live without a microwave I think it will just take some new habits. Reheating food with the oven doesn't seem that complicated. Softening butter... well I'll just have to think about that one.

It will all just take just a little more time. That's okay though, I won't be cleaning roughly 1,000 sqft more of a house so I should have time right? Ha. For some reason, I highly doubt that.

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