Thursday, January 10, 2013

Going Barefoot

In 2006 we moved to our new house, I quit my job to do school and basically get ready to be ready to (did you follow that?) have a baby. I had gone barefoot most of July and then we went to Glacier National Park with some friends in August. By the third week in July my feet hurt so bad. So bad that I went back to my orthopedic surgeon and told her something was wrong. I was refitted for some new orthodics and threw my old ones away. While I was getting fitted I was trying to explain to the guy that my feet hurt right there. He thought I was bonkers. I kept indicating that my feet hurt, because I'm ignorant about the correct terminology, basically at my toe knuckles. It hurt so bad I could hardly walk by the end of the day. I'd wake in the morning and it would significantly better but the pain wasn't gone. Walking up the mountains in Glacier hurt so badly that, without realizing it, I ended up favoring it and re-sparking my chronic shin splints problem. Yay.

I believed the doctor that told me to pick a new sport because I'd never be a runner.

My sister Cassie is a weirdo. Okay, not really. My sister Cassie likes to learn new things just like me. We are both weirdos. We talk way too much about things that people should probably not talk about; like poop. Hey, Cassie! I love you! Tell me if you ever read this! My sister Cassie also likes to read. She forced me to read the book Born to Run and I loved it. And I changed my life because of it. She let me use a pair of her Vibram Five Fingers (which I'm sorry, are SUPER UGLY). She told me that it'd take my feet a while to adjust to them. It didn't. Why? Because as a stay at home mom... I am barefoot everyday just about all day long. I ran in them in small increments because I didn't trust my body; .3 miles was considered a workout. She didn't laugh at me even thought I'm sure she wanted to. I realized how awesome it was that after a run (even when I measured my workouts in multiple miles) I never once had foot pain or a recurrence of the stuff I used to deal with. Not even once. I started reading up on the whole barefoot thing.

That pain that I felt back in 2007? My feet were actually changing shape. Weird huh?

Why am I talking about this now?

I have been wearing shoes a lot more recently. Pretty, feminine, fantastic boots. My feet hurt at the end of each night. Same spot as 2007. I'm realizing that all these pretty shoes are crunching my toes up in the front and not letting them spread like my minimalist shoes do. It makes me sad that there aren't more shoes out there in the super cheap category. I wish there were a line of shoes with a moccasin type sole but a normal looking top. Something that doesn't scream, "I'm trying to be a hippie!" Something that screams, "Ain't nothin' to see here, folks!"

I really enjoyed not having a single foot pain this past spring, summer, and fall; but I really can't just wear [minimalist and super cute] sneakers all day long while trying to pretend that becoming a mom didn't turn me into a frumpy housewife.

Someone please make me some SHOES before I start researching how to sew my own dang shoes. We all know I don't need another hobby.

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rightbrainedamoeba said...

fivefingers is coming out with some fantastic, "dressier" looking versions... stay tuned!: )

also, the "Captcha" for this comment is "spactud." whatever that is :) those words make me smile sometimes :p