Monday, January 21, 2013

And It Begins

This is the first post that I posted to a different blog because we weren't ready to tell everyone, but I needed to get it out through my fingers. This was kind of an introduction of who we are and what we wanted to do. Consider it a reintroduction to my current readers of who we are now. --Nancy 4/8/13

Hopefully this is a story that has a happy ending. Since this is just the beginning of the story, there really isn't any guarantee, now is there? We have a plan, but how often do plans go exactly right? There are always new problems that require some creative workarounds. We're up for it.

We are a family of five. And a cat. We're 30. I stay home with my three kiddos; 4, 3, and 1. Ryan works a nightshift schedule in Public Safety. His sleeping schedule has always been one of the more complicated parts of our life day to day. We live in a 1400sqft home in a small, midwestern, conservative, mostly republican, mostly Christian town. We are not from hippie territory. I was talking to a friend about our plan and her response was a long pause followed by, "...but you look so normal." ha. Yep. We do. Tricked you!

My kids are hilarious and mostly well behaved--mostly. We tend to run on the frugal side. We are savers. I'm very open with things that happen to us. I think it makes some people uncomfortable sometimes. I care what people think. We are a very strong Christian family. We've had some hard times and come through with a great appreciation for God, family, true friends. We have progressed pretty far on the road of living with less; less unhealthy food, less meat, less unhealthy chemicals, less actual stuff.

We moved to our home in 2006--at the very height of the housing market. We went upside down when the market crashed. We are finally right side up. For a while there we were bobbing up and down as the market valued our house up a couple thousand one month and down a couple thousand the next. We want to get out. We want to move on. I've always said I didn't want a big house because I didn't want to clean it and I didn't want our family to hide from each other instead of solving problems in our relationships. The past few years have felt tight in this house. We listed our house last summer and almost sold it; it all fell through during inspections. We had listed at our bottom line and didn't want to screw with negotiations. The buyers were living with family and didn't exactly need our house, so they wanted to dicker a bit more. We took it off the market, installed a new furnace and decided to wait until we had financial wiggle room to dicker. Our plan was to list this spring; but that's changed.

Our dream is to have about 10 acres in the same county that we currently live in so that he can stay with the fire department that he is a part of for "fun." Ryan has a residency requirement of 20 miles from the city limits that he works in as his regular job. We want to have a small hobby farm that meets most of our needs. Most.

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