Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Bit More Specfic

What is the dream, exactly? Well long term, our answer is incredibly simple.

  • Between 5-10 acres
  • In a particular township in our current school district because my husband wants to stay with the current fire dept he works for--in addition to his regular job. 
  • A stream to possibly run a hydroelectric generator (but only if it's completely legal)
  • Maple trees to tap
  • On a road that isn't too particularly busy 
  • A place to raise beef, chickens, vegetables, and a small orchard
  • A place not on city water
  • A completely off the grid home to house our family of five and some animals 
See? Simple. I'm sure it shouldn't be hard to find for exactly what we want to pay, right? Ha. We will see. I actually am optimistic that we'll hit most of these points.

Our short term goal looks a lot more... Hippy.

We have a written agreement from Ryan's employer that his residency requirement will be waived for six months during a transition phase after we sell this house. Our plan is to sell this house and move into my parent's house. I am blessed with some pretty great parents... But I haven't lived with them in nine years so that might get a little tense by the end of six months. I feel like that's normal. So when we sell our 1400 sqft home we plan to build a tiny house. A TINY house on wheels; roughy 300 sqft that includes two loft bedroms. It will be tight, but its so us.

It will be one of the crazier things we've done.

It starts with cash. Add a flat utility trailer. Build a house on it. 8.5ft wide, 20ft long (unless we are lucky and find a 24ft long one), and 13.5ft tall. Add a composting toilet (but only if it's legal); solar panels for electricity; propane for hot water and the stove/oven; and a wood stove for heat. It will be interesting. There is a lot of figuring out that we have to do. It makes me wonder how this dream will change from start to finish. It doesn't matter how much it changes because its the end that I care most about.

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