Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Loud and Clear

Remember when I said God keeps bringing these verses to mind to remind me who He is? He hasn't quit. He's reminding me to keep struggling until I can come out of the fog. I think I'm just about there. He's pursuing me. I feel blessed to be loved by Him.

Tonight I went to prayer meeting and they were talking out of Habakkuk, and then Psalm 77. Specifically they were talking about how Habakkuk was slightly depressed about what was going on around him and then... He started meditating on who God is. The Psalmist (Asaph) was doing the same thing as he was looking around him. 
Ps 77: 10 Then I thought, “To this I will appeal: the years when the Most High stretched out his right hand. 11 I will remember the deeds of the Lord; yes, I will remember your miracles of long ago. 12 I will consider all your works and meditate on all your mighty deeds.”
Meditating on all His works. That's how we are to struggle. You can't meditate on God's works that he's done in other people lives and in your own life and still be consumed by what is happening around you. I'm thankful for His Word. I'm thankful for the Truth. I'm thankful that I don't feel required to pretend to be happy. I'm thankful that God gives room for genuine emotion, heartache, and that he can pick us up and rebuild us stronger.

Thankful for an amazing Savior that pursues us as a lost little sheep. I hear the message loud and clear; focus on how far he has brought me already. He is faithful.

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