Wednesday, November 21, 2012

So fascinating to me. Vayda buggy has a corn allergy and it is thought to be why she has been sick practically all year long. So... helping Alissa figure out how to cut corn from their diet is so eye opening to me. Corn is in EVERYTHING. It just makes the case for knowing where your food comes from SO MUCH STRONGER.

She doesn't really bake or have time to homemake a lot of stuff. She's pregnant, has a full time job, goes to school, and is a full time mommy. She decided to start with a simple loaf of bread. She called me. How hard could that be? Yeast, honey, water, flour, salt, and butter. I thought, seriously, bread should be FINE.

In my quest to bake bread (for SO. LONG.) I quit paying attention to it. Its yeast, right? Wrong. Red Star Active Dry Yeast: Yeast, Sorbitan Monostearate. Under five ingredients... what the crap is Sorbitan Monostearate? Real Food FAIL. Sorbitan Monostearate is a "ester of sorbitan and stearic acid and is sometimes referred to as a synthetic wax. It is primarily used as an emulsifier to keep water and oils mixed" according to the box that pops up on Google search.

It's just Honey, right? Some bees are fed High Fructose CORN Syrup to get them through the winter. So crazy that I never knew honey could be so complicated. Made a call to our local shop selling local, raw, unfiltered honey that we've been using for a couple years now. I got the name of the producer and emailed him. We will see.

Water. That's obviously not containing corn, but my personal opinion is that it's okay if it's filtered to take out the chemicals and chlorine.

Flour... Obviously not going with white flour, she should be fine right? The package of Meijer Naturals brand of White Whole Wheat Flour has just that listed in the ingredients. The brand of Meijer Naturals is supposed to guarantee there are no GMOs, no preservatives, no added anything... but without the certified organic seal because it may or may not have been grown with pesticides. This should be okay.

Salt. It's just salt right? nope. Iodized salt contains corn. Crrrrrazy.

Butter. SHOULD be okay, right? I buy Meijer store brand butter. It says cream, natural flavorings. Oops. Natural flavorings? That's awfully vague even if I CAN pronounce it. Real Food FAIL. Meijer Organic butter? Ingredients listed are cream. Check. However, accidentally grabbing salted butter poses a problem also because it takes you right back to the question of wether it's iodized or not.

And that's just one loaf of bread. And I sound like a total hippy. Crazy.

Vanilla extract? possibly made from a vodka derived from corn. Distilled white vinegar? possibly made from corn sugar. Powdered sugar? chopped up sugar with corn starch in it. Baking Powder? contains corn starch!

If you have a corn allergy, file for disability cause you can't work AND eat.

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Jen M said...

hahaha this post made me smile because i was totally at this stage last spring when i started seeing a naturopath dr and he told me to cut out all oats, wheat, CORN, white sugar, brown sugar, and dairy. i thought he was totally whacked. for the first week or 2, i stood in the kitchen for what seemed like forever, trying to figure out what the heck i COULD eat. i thought i was going to starve to death. :) have you tried spelt? spelt flour can make good bread!