Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My current project is kicking my metaphorical booty. It's kicking my mind booty. I dread taking it out. Because I'm stuck. Because I need a large chunk of time. Because I don't have large chunks of time. I'm ready to finish it tonight. I haven't touched it in three weeks.

Imma gonna get it tonight. I have no excuses. It's the "weekend" (because Ryan will be gone for the next four nights). Dinners are prepped. Kids are turned loose. Sewing machine is oiled and threaded. Cue "Eye of the Tiger." Cue someone yelling, "aaaaaarrre you ready to ruuuuumble." Vayda's about to be sent home with her daddy... and then it's ON.

Fitting a muslin sloper and sewing it up. THEN stuffing it onto my dress form to look like my magnificent body. And ohhh let me tell you, this post-three-babies-body is magnificent as long as it's covered with clothes. It will be covered with clothes faster if I can get this project done. I have 5 cuts of fabric in my closet that I got dirt cheap, just WAITING to be sewn into something awesome. 3 long sleeve t-shirts, a flannel shirt with a bit of classy flair, one knit dress shirt. I like to get WAY ahead of myself.

I made one long sleeved t-shirt already and while it is my favorite shirt in my closet because it is SO COMFY and it fits mostly well. I just think I could do a lot better. and the seams aren't finished because I didn't know how.

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