Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Silence from me here means that things at home are busy. Sometimes a good busy, sometimes a bad busy. That's okay.


  • Ryan's position didn't change--seeing the positives in this. 
  • Vayda has come back to us during the weekdays. Has been sick all but 3 days... since Sept 7. Crazy. So we are housebound and stir crazy.
  • Art Prize came and went and we MADE! IT! OUT! on the bus a few times even.
  • Aayla and I were dancing together on the sidewalk late at night while waiting for the bus to the sound of the piano bar music we were standing outside of. Things got a little rambunctious and I pulled her elbow right out of socket. She is one tough little cookie.
  • Homeschool is easy, but only because it's Aayla. She loves it, begs to do it, and does it with such concentration and dedication that she puts me to shame. Determined little girl.
  • Aayla can read big books now. By big, I mean with words like "color," and "scared." It is pretty fantastic to listen to her read to Moo. It is ALSO pretty fantastic to hear her ask Asher if he wants to read, see Asher "crawl up in her lap" (which actually looks like she is being attacked) and see her point to animals and ask Asher to point as she says an animal. Love that we were blessed to have a part in creating siblings who have their own relationship outside of us.
  • Ameira turned 3 yesterday. Funny, funny little girl. We are celebrating it all week long since both Ryan and I had to be gone for the actual day.
I really wish my android phone let me share pictures directly with blogger. You'd think that blogger being google based they'd have a quick, easy solution. You'd get a lot more interesting posts, that's for sure. In-the-moment-of-insanity types of pictures. 

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