Sunday, September 2, 2012

Trust Yourself and Relax.

Sitting here at Schuler Bookstore waiting for Cassie Jean while thumbing through a $4.99 book called Instinctive Parenting. Just the first chapter is summing up my philosophy on parenting just about perfectly. TRUST YOURSELF. RELAX. Offer your baby shelter, food, and love. The rest isn't anyone else's business. Amen. How you feed, what you feed, how you sleep, how you wean, when you start solids, what you do with your kid... IT IS NO ONE ELSES BUSINESS. Flip through those books, magazines and whatever to find what works for your family. Be happy. Love your kid. Do what works for your family. Love it. Cut your sisters some slack and build their confidence as mothers. Sigh. Wonder what ELSE she says... :)

This sounds familiar, doesn't it Julie? The things we've talked through together over the last few years.

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