Sunday, August 5, 2012

Growing Smaller

Moo comes out with pair of cute shorts on; flowers, pink, yellow on a brown backdrop. She holds them up and asks for help getting them on. I try and jiggle her into them as I tell her I think they are too small. She sucks in and holds her breath as she tries to snap them. "Baby, I think they don't fit." She barely gets them snapped and throws her hands up in the air, "I DID IT!!" She bends slightly as she does a celebratory jump into the air. The button pops open. Her arms go down, deflated. She turns around and walks back to her closet with her head down, hair flopping in her face. I hear her mutter, "I can't wait till I grow smaller."

I totally relate, kiddo.


Marissa said...

oh my word. precious.

Jen said...

oh my gosh. my heart totally just melted. there's a puddle under my chair.