Saturday, June 9, 2012

Door Closed... Door Opened!

We've been so busy, but I think that's just par for the course. Instead of updating EVERYTHING we've been doing to catch up, I'll hit highlights and then go into what's been on my mind.

Today is day #1 without a baby. Vayda's mom & dad are finished for the school year, so we're done watching her on the weekdays. Let it be said for the record; I love my little baby bug and I will miss having her everyday. However, this is super liberating and a first in my motherhood. Asher is on one nap a day that coincides with Moo's nap and Aayla's "REST TIME NOT NAP TIME." I feel like we've shut the door on baby days and are moving on to a more mobile stage. This stage too has an expiration date: school. We'll just take advantage of it while we can.

Ry's schedule may change in the fall to a 2nd shift type of thing and only on weekdays. If that is the case it will be a two year commitment. Aayla's official 4-year-old preschool and kindergarten year. She will not see her dad on weekdays. That breaks my heart so bad that I've committed to homeschool her should this change happen. Never thought I'd say that; but I'm excited.

We've also... dun, dun, dun... started moving to get out of this house. I feel like I've been pretty open on here about that whole dream the whole way. So here goes; we are rightside up on our mortgage. We are, quite possibly, better than right-side up because of the current state of the market. I told our realtor I just want to be able to walk away from this house and I don't expect a profit. She thinks it's do-able. She's even volunteered to cut her profits so that we can do that... with the expectation we buy a house through her too. I'm totally okay with that and was surprised she was willing to give us some wiggle room. I feel like it'll make her fight harder on the negotiation end, but then again, I never doubted her to begin with. We haven't found a place to live yet. We are just going to wing it. Ya'll know how good I am at that with all these babies around.

I was thinking about things in general the other day (June 1st-ish) while I was thinking about my June resolutions and how I wanted to edit my 2012 resolutions. I want to start doing NEW things. Basic things, but I want to always keep learning. So I weed-whacked for the first time. I hooked up the motor in the canoe and drove it around for the first time by myself. I drove a trailer for the first time. I have hired a high-school babysitter that I've met one time (although, I know her relatives and have grilled her pretty good so I'm comfortable). I've started running for the first time in eleven years. I'm on DailyMile if anyone wants to join, friend me, and exercise with me! I need more supporters. :) I'm going to stop shying away from things that may seem hard or "Ryan's jobs" just because that's the "way it should be." If he's gone and it needs to be done, I'll give it a shot. Year of firsts. I keep telling the girls over and over again, "Enlows don't shy away from things just because they seem hard." I meant it more for them as in, "waaaah I can't put my shirt on, I'm not going to try." "waaaaah, I can't buckle my helmet...." etc. BUT. I see it sticking with us for a long time.

The world is opening to us as we step into this new phase of mobility with the kids. I'm so excited for this stage of life.

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