Monday, April 2, 2012

Always Moving

Moo is getting REALLY good at pedaling her new "pincess" bike. This would be our second venture out on bikes as the four of us. Last time it didn't go so hot biking to pick up Ace from preschool. It seemed WAY too much for Ameira. I was towing her on a rope, hauling Asher in his new bike seat between me and my handle bars... and yelling at Ace to "SLOOOW DOWN!!! STOP!!! WATCH FOR CARS!!!! STAY ON THE SIDEWALK!!! USE YOUR BRAKES, NOT YOUR SHOES!!" anxiety, anxiety, anxiety. Today? Today was perfect. Moo didn't tip once. I was hauling and she kept right up. I think the trick is for her to steer right in the middle of the sidewalk so I kept "encouraging" her to do so; peppered with a bunch of "great job! I am so proud of you!"s. She did great. I even dropped the rope a few times and she kept right up. I bet in a few weeks once her legs are stronger she'll be doing perfect.

We biked our way down to the City Hall to pick up a burn permit. I filled it out for the entire week so that I can attack that big pile of brush at the property line. It just looks horrible. I've been wanting to do it for a few years now but couldn't because I was either pregnant, recently post-partum, or sick during the early spring when Ryan has cleared me to have fires. (he's kind of nervous for some reason that I'm going to start a chicago 1800's style fire) I love spring.

Ry framed in a new chicken coop that looks like a little playhouse. He picked up some pallets from a facebook friend and started pulling nails from them last night. We're going to side it with the wood from the pallets and give it a "charmed" look. We'll see what that means when we're done. Kind of excited because it'll keep the costs down... and best of all? It will get these little chicks out of my kitchen. Yep, that's right... they are in my kitchen. We're just that awesome.

Finished up the bodices for the girls' easter dresses last night. They look pretty good, for my first dress. I'm kind of excited about it. I gathered up the skirt and basted it on to see if it fits Ace and it's a pretty good fit, except of course NOW I realize that I need to take up the shoulder straps just a little. Of course. Which means I need to flip the (lined) bodice back inside out, seam rip apart the whole bodice and start over. ::sigh:: That's okay. It's a learning experience and it's still WAY fun.

Acey's bday party with her friends was Saturday. It was the easiest party I have ever thrown--and I didn't purposefully cut anything out. Last year's party kept coming to mind--I WAY overplanned that one, but it was my first kid friend party I'd ever thrown. So this year, I kept the guest list down (a cousin, and her two best friends). I grabbed some dollar bin goodies. I made an easy but seemingly elaborate cake...that really just ended up being difficult to troubleshoot. We played music. We had balloons. We skyped Grandpa (Grandma needed to be with family after Great-Grandma had a pretty bad fall). And I just let the kids go. It was awesome. I quickly realized that I wasn't needed for the fun to happen, so I just kind of tinkered around in the background letting them have all the four-year-old fun that they wanted. I heard them playing doctor and I heard Aayla remind everyone, "We can play doctor but pants HAVE to stay on and no touching lady parts... just so we ALL know the rules." hahahaha love that girl. Can you tell that game makes me nervous?? I remember how that games goes with boy (SPACE to declare the non-romantic type) friends so we've been VERY clear right from the start.

I gave in to Barbie. I've been dreading that for a long time, unnecessarily. It doesn't have to be a big deal that Aayla and Ameira are playing with a doll that would die in real life with those proportions. It doesn't have to be something that subconsciously messes with their expectations of body image. And we don't have to have clothes that are slutty. I can throw those away if they bug me. Right? I hope so.

Last Sunday was Acey's bday party with our family. Regular Sunday dinner at my mom's house, I just brought a cake and everyone brought her little gifts. She requested a fairy cake first. Then she requested a fairy shooting a gun. Then it was a princess shooting a deer.... then it was a princess shooting Bambi. In the end it was Rapunzel shooting Bambi. I love that kid.

Asher boy is starting to jabber. It's really cute. It is so cute it makes my heart ache--realizing just how fast it all goes. He's walking like crazy. This morning the girls were both shouting and EXCITED! ABOUT! SOMETHING! I! NEVER! FIGURED! OUT!!! They were also jumping up and down like little Mexican Jumping Beans. Asher was staring at them and then all of a sudden he started bobbing up and down unsteadily. Super, super cute. He shakes his head no and says, "uh-uh" and will do driveby kisses and hugs. He is a touchy-feely little guy with SUCH A GREAT PERSONALITY. He's just so easy going.

It's just such a blessing to have these kids. I'm thankful daily.

God is working here.

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