Saturday, March 10, 2012


It has been a while and that's a good thing. When I'm quiet on here it means we're our normal busy selves.  Right now, I'm doing budget, bills, taxes (preparing them for our friend to do them), and listening to the girls clean their room.

Sickness: just finished up with a few weeks (3) of RSV. One week of "all clear" just in time for Asher's first bday party... and now we're back to runny noses and Asher & Moo wheezing. We're getting sent to a pulmonary specialist to check into that because allergies, etc have been ruled out. Moo doesn't really respond to steroids. She is on the last few days of her taper which rounds her out on 4 weeks of steroids. She began wheezing two days ago. I'm so excited. Winter sucks.

We've been out playing in the sun and "warm" temperatures--high 50's to breaking 60. Dad & Mom Enlow got "Asher" a bike seat that goes between me and the handle bars. He LOOOOOVES IT. It puts him right up there without anything blocking his vision. He was squealing for almost all of our 20 minutes bike ride. It's timed nicely with Moo getting her very own real kid bike. It's as big as Acey's bike so it is sinking in just how close in age (and increasingly in size) they are. :) Funny to think that Asher is closer to Ameira's age than Aayla's.

My nephew was born last night and I CAN NOT WAIT TO GET MY HANDS ON HIM. However, I have to wait until August. I finally understand (at least a little) what it felt like for Erin when all my babies were born.

I went and saw our marriage counselor again last week. I think everyone I told kind of anticipated something bigger because I went alone--thinking it was an ominous sign of something between Ryan and I. It wasn't. It was a strictly strategic he watched the kids and I could just go, chat, and get back. I must say that it was such an encouraging, refreshing thing. I was really on the fence about it because I didn't want to deal with anything else emotionally than I had to. He helped tweak some of my thought processes and I'm happy to say that I'm refocused. Those little tweaks are like driving; timely, little corrections make for such a smoother ride. God is good. I need to communicate better and trust that as my partner, Ryan can handle my burden. It's not fair and it's deceitful (toward him) to think I need to pretend like everything in my head is fine. It's not fine sometimes and that's ok. I just love God so much and am so thankful for who he brings into our lives and with such PERFECT timing to help us realize that God is Holy and POWERFUL and AMAZING...and he cares so much about little ol' me.

And now, we are pretty much caught up.

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