Saturday, March 10, 2012

I Do Solemnly Declare to Resolve to Be Better

I've said it before on here, but I believe in Resolutions--New Year's Resolutions but more MONTHLY resolutions. I think it's such a healthy thing to reflect and then make a plan to become the person you want to be. Sometimes I get ahead of myself and start to change an area before my life is ready for that change. But that is exactly what is so awesome about monthly resolutions--if it's not working CHANGE IT.

I ran in January. That was awesome. And then my feet hurt. That wasn't awesome. I refuse to give up on the dream of becoming a runner again. I will however postpone it till the weather warms a bit. In the mean time, I'm doing leg stretches and whatnots. Thanks to Cassie.

My budget is limping along until we get our tax money. We bought tickets out to WA for August and I'm pretty sure that will be the last family set of tickets we will buy. We will be driving next time...with Ryan meeting us out there on a flight so as not to waste a bunch of his vacation time. Sadly it will probably mean we travel outside of school season. We have to rent a car why not just add a couple days before and after to account for the driving. It'll be a whole lot less than tickets on TOP of a van rental. I'm kind of excited because I think it will be an amazing way to tuck in some cultural, history, geography lessons along the way as the kids grow up. I also LIKE road tripping. Will I like road tripping with three kids? I am convinced that we can MAKE it fun. That's a long way off.

So back to the budget and resolutions. These resolutions are good from Mar 1 (I've been working on it already) until April 1, 2012.

I'm resolving again to only fill up my gas tank on Saturday nights. If I run out of gas during the week... we stay home or within walking distance. Filling up on Saturday means we can make it to church Sunday, grocery shop Monday, and generally get to church Wednesday for Cubbies/Puggles. It starts to get sketchy on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I resolve to make more food at home. Things in that dept have been really lacking and my grocery and eating out line is really scary red. Beans, rice, and garden food... coming up. After our St. Patrick's day party that is.

I'm resolving to keep working on the sewing pattern project and make myself some cheap shirts for the summer... waiting for sales on fabric. My closet is something I never want anyone to see. I have next to nothing in it and I like it that way, most of the time. I do NOT keep things I don't love. I wear the things I do love over and over...just ask my best friend Boj. ha. It's a joke bc the more she loves something the more she avoids wearing it in order to make it last longer. We are polar opposites there. However, I can MAKE t-shirts pretty easily once I get my pattern finished up. I made a long sleeved t-shirt and it fits GREAT... I just have to redo it because I left 1" seam allowances on it because I didn't trust that it would fit. Silly me. That was stupid because now I have to take it all apart, cut down the seam allowances, and sew it back together. It's a basic t-shirt but I already have ideas how to embellish a few up to make something that looks COMPLETLEY different. I have such a hard time finding clothes that fit properly. They are generally REALLY tight across the bust, super loose across the belly...and then too short after the first washing. (I refuse to have high-maintenance clothing. I don't have time for it.) If it can't stand a single washing, it goes to the rag bag or passed to my sister. I have 2 t-shirts that aren't considered gym shirt for the summer. And I think I can make some shirts for $5 that I LOVE. I love sewing and seam ripping.

I resolve that if the girls have their playroom/bedroom cleaned on ANY day... we will go OUT and do something. Even if the rest of the house is trashed and I have a million things on my to do list.

I resolve to not get on facebook/hulu/pinterest until naptime and bedtime. (I reserve the right to quick post a funny "she said dat, she did" post so as not to miss the moment.) Thanks to my HS best friend, I have been encouraged to do better.

I resolve to not accept calls or texts during meals. If these will be my standards when the kids are older... then I had better start now.

I'm resolving to contact a loan officer to check into when we can get out of this house. We've said all along that it realistically wouldn't be until 2013. We're still on track for that... if we can get the rural development loan still. We have to figure out those details before we loosen up the tether on our dreams. It will be slow moving, but it will be nice to be in a place we're allowed to sink roots into. I've realized I'm a roots type of girl. 

I had better stop with the resolutions or they will be really hard to live up to.

Now for the to-dos listed in November.

  1. Get Christmas gifts MAILED already.
  2. Finish Advent stockings by adding bells/ribbon, painting the plaque. Pictures when I'm done.
  3. Hairbows.
  4. Apron.
  5. Crochet headbands & mittens for girls--for Moo... Good enough.
  6. Learn to "draw" with sewing Machine.--learned embroidery instead and like the results better since my machine is just a bare bones version.
  7. Keep learning guitar... yes. Still doing this.
  8. Learn Patternmaking by getting basic shirt pattern down... in progress.
  9. Easter Dresses for my girls, K & Vayda. Basic dress, but kind of excited. :)
  10. Mystery project for my progress
  11. Felt & Wood "Money" for girls.
  12. Start another double painting (for back guest/coat/pantry room.)
  13. Bedspreads for girls... this will be postponed until after they turn 4&5. They just added 2 more marker bleeds to their current one... so we'll just let this project simmer for a while on the backburner. Decided it's just going to be an embroidered (to match the lampshade I love) duvet cover in order to reuse the comforters they have destroyed. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

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