Monday, March 26, 2012

Greedy Little Hobby

The problem with creating is that it just leads to MORE creating. Girls' Easter dresses are in full swing. Fitted little Bug's bodice today with muslin and am waiting for the material to finish drying in the dryer before I bust it out and start cutting. I figured I'm going to do all the bodices first, starting with Miss V Bug's since she will be leaving for FL on Friday and I won't see her until Easter. Next will be Miss K's because I figure it would be a little easier to crash through my own kids' final fittings in the middle of the night because nobody can tell me not to wake them up at 1am... as long as Ryan is working that is. So finish V's tonight, do K's tomorrow, and then fit V for her final skirt length Wednesday... leaving an entire week to do my babies' dresses.

And I will be making the little boys--Asher and Aiden--little ties to match. However All I can think about is that his white dress shirt is so B O R I N G and I want to sew him up a few colorful dress shirts.

Yea. 'Cause I have so much time to do THAT.

White it is for this Easter. Christmas better watch it's back.

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