Thursday, December 8, 2011

To-Do. Two-Dos.

What's a to-do list without a few crossed off for momentum?
  • Asher's baby blanket--done.
  • Christmas presents--done.
  • Alissa's painting--done!!!
  • Front of house landscaping--done.
  • Side of house landscaping--postponed 'till spring.
  • Jesse Tree

Now for the to-dos.
  1. Get Christmas gifts MAILED already.
  2. Keep learning guitar.
  3. Finish Advent stockings by adding bells/ribbon, painting the plaque. Pictures when I'm done.
  4. Apron.
  5. Crockhet headbands & mittens for girls and I.
  6. Hairbows.
  7. Learn Patternmaking by getting basic shirt pattern down.
  8. Felt & Wood "Money" for girls.
  9. Start another painting.
  10. Learn to "draw" with sewing Machine.
  11. Bedspreads for girls.

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