Monday, November 21, 2011

Getting Out... money...ears...

I went away this past weekend; as my previous post warned you. I cannot believe how I feel. Patience, kindness, goodness, self-control comes so much easier with sleep and a fresh brain. I really need to get out more; seriously. We did it somewhat cheaply since I paid about $25 for my portion of the hotel, $13 for my portion of gas... and then meals out. I spent the first night at my friends house just to get an extended break since my 3 friends and I were only planning one night in a hotel near a shoppy/touristy town about 2 hours away so that made the weekend time away vs money spent ratio even better.

The cheap bone in my body says I should have probably spent the time free somewhere and then used the $150 for the remote starter instead since that probably isn't going to happen. Remember how I said Ry's truck needed fixing? Turns out it wasn't something he could do... and so I sadly have surrendered that dream. I wasn't too happy about surrendering that dream tonight though--I had to bundle everybody up at bedtime to get them in the cold van in order to get to the pharmacy so Moo could get through the night. Darn those Enlow kid ears.

On a really positive note; I noticed my new Dr Mom otoscope came today as I was pulling out of the driveway. I used it once we got home to check out Ace & Asher's ears. (Moo's are pretty much entirely full of gross junk so I thought it best not to touch them) It. is. amazing. Asher's infection looks like its either gone or basically gone. Ace's is really red but not bulging, and she's not complaining about pain so I think she's done-ish with her's too.

On a not positive note; Moo has been "asleep" for about 2 hours. And now she is crying again becasue her ears are hurting her so bad. It is her 4th time up. It is going to be a looooooong night I'm afraid.

peace ya'll.

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