Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Because in the End... He Will Agree. And I Will Laugh Menacingly.

Just a little update since I used this little journaly-thing as an outlet for my anxiety (and despite deleting the post, google reader still picked up the post): my health checks out. lumps in abdomen were first and foremost my aorta, then the smaller bumps are just IBS leftover from the campylobacter (food poisoning from drinking spoiled milk after our fridge went out) infection. Hallelujah.

Anyway, on to way more important stuff...

The weather is turning colder. I've had to get kids in the car in the "early" morning about 6 times now when there was very minor frost on the windshield. This gives me hives. The garage doors still aren't fixed and while I'm not going to complain about it, I am going to assume that my van is going to find a home outside this winter. I can't scrap my car off, warm it up for at least ten minutes, AND get 4 kids 3-years-old and under out the door in a decent time-frame. It just isn't going to happen no matter how great my intentions. I am also not planning to get them out of the car every single, blasted morning of preschool TWICE to drop Ace off and pick her up (which takes less than 5 minutes... but at least 10 to get the stroller/kids/paraphernalia packed up). I want to leave them in the car, but I don't want them to freeze.

So begins my campaign for a remote car starter. Watch yourself; I'm on a mission.

We are very conservative with money and incredibly frugal, so this will be considered a very big purchase. I'm going to figure out just where the line is between a strategic campaign and manipulation, then I'm going to hang out right about there. juuuuust half-kidding. Sadly. I always get like this; preparing to market and sell something to Ryan...and its so anticlimactic when he agrees right off the bat. He's a wildcard, that guy.

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