Friday, September 2, 2011

Stepping Forward Instead of Just Talking About It

We bought four cute, fluffy, yellow, peeping chicks. Acey was so incredibly excited about it and kept telling us what she was going to name "her's"...but then she'd change her mind and pick a different name. Ryan told her right up front that he wasn't going to name his because he didn't want to name a chicken that he was GOING TO EAT.

That's right. We have four chicks that will turn into chickens. Meat chickens. Chicks that we will eat. Chicks that I will stare at my daughters' faces, look them in the eye, and tell them I am about to help their daddy kill. Its one thing to say you want your kid to understand completely where her food comes from and that meat doesn't come from a grocery store. Its a whole new ballgame having her bond with the chickens from their sweet fluffy, yellow chick days. My heart is already uneasy about it.

No she will not witness it.

I don't really know if its cheaper to raise your own chickens. It probably is not. However, I will know that my chickens were raised and killed humanely. I will be even more purposeful about how I use that meat and those bones.

And... Ryan called me. Just. He just found a piece of property. 25 acres. In our price range. The house is really small, and we'd have to intend on knocking it down and rebuilding our dream home. Its really close to the town he works in. It is really close to the highway, so heading back to my family wouldn't be as bad as it could be. Then he says, "I really think we should look into it." I said, "Like 'call a bank' look into it?" "yes." We'll see what comes of this but I may not be able to sleep. Even if we have to squish into a 2 bedroom, run-down, ugly farmhouse... I will do it. Especially if it brings us closer to our dream.

That is what I love about Ryan. He is right along side of me trying to LIVE our dream, rather than just talking about it. Love. love. Love. Maybe my kids WILL have a woods to run and grow up in. :) BUT. Lets not get ahead of ourselves. One foot in front of the other.

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