Saturday, September 3, 2011

Don't Underestimate the Necessity of Wearing Pants

After not being able to sleep last night because my stomach was being thrashed around by butterflies, I read an email from Ryan; "HI honey. You were looking at the wrong property. You were looking at a fruitport property. :( oh well. we'll keep looking!" Better luck next time. At least this served as a good warning that Ryan will mean business at any given moment if the property looks like it meets our criteria. Consider me warned.

Today is going to be filled with measuring, shopping, price shopping. My mom had the girls last night and today, just for fun. I'm taking advantage of it and will use it wisely (Asher is not ready to leave, hence my stealing a moment to blog). Rachel has helped me brainstorm up a beautiful landscape plan for the front of the house. Think picket fence, knock-out roses, and winter interest. My first attempt at landscaping was alright, but I've learned a lot since then and it just looks novice. Novice won't tell a buyer, "YOU NEED THIS PERFECT LITTLE HOUSE." I'm a big fan of cheap, so you can bet we will be doing this as we have the money.

1. Measure, pick out, purchase fencing.
2. Pull out the railroad ties and put them on the curb with a sign that says FREEEEEEEEEEEE. (they will be gone in no time, seriously).
3. Go get free fieldstones from a distant relative/fellow church member who says she has more than we would ever need.
4. Rebuild the wall with rock.
5. Fill it in with MORE dirt/weed cloth/mulch.
6. find the right plants on sale...
8. Step back and talk about how pretty it is, and how it really wasn't THAT much work. It's never too early to start editing Ryan's memories.

I also need to get some supplies to tape off the house so Ryan can paint on Monday and Tuesday. HALLELUJAH. He has the house scraped and is almost finished priming. We changed plans for how much of the house we would do. We had all the paint purchased since it was on sale. He decided he doesn't want to do "just a little" each year. It sucks and he wants it over. He also said that he has a few large chunks of time to do it, rather than just a couple hours after work each night like most people. So, that's that. He grabbed my dad's huge light and has been doing it from about 12am-5am while everyone is sleeping. We found a friend that has a commercial paint sprayer we can borrow and use for FREE. (Look how blessed and resourceful we are) Ryan and I agreed he is going to try and take a weekend off to finish the outdoor projects. I feel bad, however winter is coming. I am trying to help where I can, but somethings gotta give. I've realized it is a huge help to Ry for me to plan out what needs to happen; thinking through each step and keeping a ballpark price tally and shopping for supplies before he needs them. Shopping is a big deal since his blocks of time are after store hours. That might be all I can do to partner with him through projects outside of my skill set. Its just this season of life; too soon I won't have kids to keep me from "things that need to get done. ugh."

Asher is awake, changed, fed, and attempted to pull up on the coffee table. He did it once and fell over, bonking his head; thus signaling exercise time is done. And OFF. WE. GO.

I should probably put some pants on first. Pants say, "I mean business, you dumb-task list." Going in just your underwear is plain ol' inappropriate. Write that down, folks. That's a freebie.

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