Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quiet House Doesn't Exactly Mean a Quiet Head

My house is quiet. It's raining outside. There are people everywhere outside because of the festival going on in our town, but the rain seems to have at least quieted them down.

I'm working on Asher's baby blanket. My friend Julie said I ultra-organize projects... she is ultra-correct. I can't direct my focus on one thing long enough unless I have mini tasks to check off the list. There are 189 rows in the blanket. I am on 110. Each row takes me 12 minutes according to my stopwatch. I have invested about 23 hours into this blanket. I have roughly 15ish hours left. I used to think I hated math. Weird huh?

Then I finish Alissa's wall painting. Can't wait to get into that one. Painting makes me feel like I've disappeared. I can't work on that one until I have a large block of time to work on it. The last time I painted I started when the kids went to bed... and didn't stop until about 4am. Oops. ::sigh::

Then I'm excited to do a couple Christmas presents. I can't talk about them until after Christmas because I do believe the recipients read this blog.

Then I am going to make an apron out of material I've already purchased and washed. If there is leftover material I will finally make the girls matching aprons. I was going to do that last Christmas but ran out of time. They didn't notice.

Then Ryan wants me to sew a few pieces of material as makeshift cots for their camping trips. He wants to just have loops on the edges to slip big (heavy and therefore strong) sticks through to frame it out. Then they would only be carrying in the canvas or whatever material it will be. As I ultra-organize this project in my head, I have a feeling canvas will be ultra-expensive. I checked out burlap sacks from the feed mill down the street and they sell them for $2 a bag. I'm just not sure how I'd sew them... and if they'd hold up. I'd like for Ry to let me make one out of the burlap and have him test it out for just one trip. If it works, I can use it as a pattern for heavier material, etc. I have a feeling they are going to changee their minds and want improvements. I'd rather have more information before sinking a ton of time and money in it.

I also have stuff to make hair bows for the girls.

I would like to figure out how to make my own patterns from scratch to sew from. That would require I understand the basic construction of a garment and what all the little nuances a proper fit would require. I like to sew. I just get so bogged down by following someone else's pattern that it completely crushes my creativity. I'd rather know how to sew what fits and go from there.

I also figured out how to "draw" with my sewing machine. I really, really want to make the girls some bed spreads and curtains that match that awesome little folksy lampshade I found discontinued at IKEA before Ace was born. I could totally do it; given enough time.

Rachel has redesigned the front of our house and it includes a picket fence. That project is reserved for the fall though when its best to transplant etc. Won't that be awesome?

I will start and finish projects one at a time if it kills me.

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