Friday, July 8, 2011

What We Do for My Little Moo

So there has been a lot of angst regarding Moo and her sickness. I won't lie; it's all my very own angsty angst. She was put on steroids last Friday (day 1)... which lasted 4 days. She stopped wheezing day 4 (Monday). She began wheezing just a bit on Wednesday... and wheezing a lot yesterday (Thursday).

It makes me want to bash my head into a wall, but all I really did was cry.

I slept like crap last night because Ry had gotten up early on Thursday morning and therefore couldn't stay up all night with her. Fast forward to 2am and Ry sleeping on the couch and me sleeping with Moo in our bed... getting kicked and smacked and coughed at and screamed at every half hour or so. She goes from sound asleep to screaming a blood-curling, high-pitched scream that it scares the living daylights out of me and then just makes me pissed. Fast forward again to 8:00 am when she decided she could get up. I am almost positive I let a few cuss words fly under my breath. I don't remember for sure though, because I was half sleep-walking.

I hate the part right before you decide to take them to the doctor. It's so stressful because I don't want to waste the copay for them to tell me once again that she is a "happy wheezer" and the current course of action is all they can do... but I don't want to be a horrible mother and deny her medical treatment that she needs. Blegh. Kids make me crazy. As I walked out the door, I said in a very grumpy tone to Ry, "Excuse us while we go hand over our copay just to be told there is nothing they can do... jerks." Well, don't I feel silly now...

!!The doctor listened to me!! Jump for joy. !!The doctor agreed the current direction is not doing anything!! Jump for joy. She said to yes, give more steroids and albuteral and the current flovent inhaler BUT give benadryl at night since that is generally the only time that it seems to affect her at all. She said it will be an experiment but it won't hurt her in the process. We are going to be scheduled next week for an upper GI in order to make sure that acid reflux is not making her "reflux" up junk in her lungs causing her to wheeze. We are also going to have her tested for allergies to make sure that its not a reaction to something she eats. Hallelujah. I asked again about keeping her quarantined and the Doctor she is even more so leaning toward the opinion that Moo is not contagious even though she sounds like she is dying. !!JUMP!! !!FOR!! !!JOY!!

Here is to Moo sleeping through the night! I'm going to go curl up in bed right now and read while waiting for sleep to come. 

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