Sunday, July 3, 2011

It'd be Awesome

I think it'd be awesome if we could go one month without making any meals containing meat. It is so much more humane to not use meat. Meat should be sustainable... blah blah blah. My fingers were crossed behind my back. I care about all that, but I care more about my bank balance. Lets just say it like it is. MEAT IS EXPENSIVE. and quality meat from a good source is WAY MORE EXPENSIVE. So would my husband keel over with hunger if we skipped meat for a month? I wonder if my body would even notice if we skipped meat? I wonder what our digestive tracts would do. I wonder if we could actually get full from eating more vegetables, beans and rice. We couldn't go REAL vegetarian because I love homemade chicken stock so much I could marry it.

So, let me paw through my cookbooks for a while and mull this over.

ps. Ameira learned to say time-out. It sounds like, "tom-owww." Guess who has gotten a bazillion timeouts in the last few days? AAYLA. ;)

pps. Ameira and Aayla have white junky, swollen tonsils. Aayla is complaining of an ear ache on her left side. Ameira has blisters and red dots all over her hands and feet. What does this mean??? QUARANTINE!!! YAY!!!! No church today.

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