Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Daddy and Daughters

Sometimes I have to say a little prayer that goes something like this, "Dear God, thanks for giving my kids two parents. Thanks for giving them two examples of completely different perspectives on the world. Thanks for giving them two different people to balance out the crazy in the other. Please protect their little brains."

The last time the Ryan was in charge of dressing the girls Ameira walked out in a pair of pink shorts, cowboy boots, a big frilly pink bow swinging wildly but still clasped to about 4 hairs on the side of her head... and no shirt. Aayla walked out with a rats nest of a pony tail, rain boots, and ... wait for it... her Easter dress. Guess where they were going? To weed the garden. I am kicking myself for not having a picture. Their lady parts were covered: mission accomplished.

Today was a random day. I was out the door by 6:30am to get Moo to her catscan. Ry was batter-up with Ace and Ash for breakfast and morning events. By 10am I desperately needed a nap. I woke up about 2.5 hours later and busted Acey and Ryan at the computer watching YouTube. What were they watching? Grizzly bear attack videos. My mouth dropped open. His response, "What? She asked to see them."

Ryan found a mouse in the garage. It was in a plastic tub that we used as a chick brooder. The mouse seemed trapped in there because it wasn't doing a good job of climbing the plastic sides. Ryan told Ace they needed to "get it." He grabbed his BBGun. He shot the mouse. Aayla watched. He said she didn't seem bothered at all. Then she looked up at him and asked, "Do you think his daddy will miss him?"

While we were camping Acey caught three fish. She cast her very own pole, she reeled them all in by herself, she just needed some help setting the hook. I had already prepared her that fishing by definition means you kill the fish. (I think people that catch and release are just crazy. Why would cause that much pain in a fish just to release it and pat yourself on the back that you didn't kill it? It seems so silly to me.) Ryan congratulated her, told her what an awesome job she did... and then promptly cut the fish open, pulling out its guts. Acey very matter-of-factly says, "Whelp. It's dead."

What will become of my sweet little girls? Taking a step back, when you think about it, it really is all about perspective. He dressed them. He gardened with them. He watched videos with them. He "hunted" with them. He fished with them. He spent time with them.

They are lucky to have him.

Despite me ratting him out for the moments that left me in shock... I also caught him playing a tiara Fancy Nancy game with both the girls the other day. You are even required to say, "pinkies up, darling."

He did it with gusto.


rightbrainedamoeba said...

Your babies are going to love hearing all the stories you've recorded someday,....and sharing their own rememberies with you of their daddy :) what a blessing :)

nancy said...

haha eventually. But I'm sure when they hit their teen years they will be mortified. ;)

Marissa said...

I love the "took a step back" approach. I'm sure you may have had a couple "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?" moments with Ryan, but you're right, they are so blessed to have both of you as their parents =)