Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Fourth

We made it out last night for fireworks as a family. We packed up, took the scenic route, and had a fourth of July very similar to what I grew up having when I was young... minus the smell of charcoal and brats. I stood guard over Asher as he tried to roll/inch worm his way all over the blanket and Ry played frisbee, ran the playground equipment, kept the girls from lighting themselves on fire with sparklers, and took the girls to pee in the woods so they wouldn't have to stand in such a ridiculously long line for the bathroom. Oh wait, don't tell anyone we did that.

They were terrible fireworks. But that was part of the fun.

Today Ry went in to work on his motorcycle (which saves us close to $10 in gas!!) and I took the girls out. We were supposed to go to my sister's for a cookout and fireworks in the driveway... but again, with my kids being so recently sick we had to steer clear of the 6 day old child. Understandably. I realized I could either stay home and feel lonely or I could get out with the girls--no matter how hard--and do something fun. Fun it was. Ry packed up the van without even being asked. (I have an amazing guy.) He put in the bike trailer and our bikes. 

When people make fun of me for driving a minivan, I smile politely. Why? because in reality, jokes on you sucker... good luck fitting a circus in YOUR shoebox of a car.

We biked around all the trails and Acey was finally able to go as fast as her little legs could get that bike going. She always has to slow down because we're on foot pulling the wagon or whatever else. She almost ran me off the trail more times than I can count, but I am confident she had a ton of fun. We rode for an hour (an hour!! She is three!!) and then headed to the splash pad for an hour... and then to the beach for a half hour... and then to the playground for a half hour... and then did a short lap on the bike trail again. One the way back to the van she said, "Mom, we sure did a great job exercisin'. We shouldn't do this again for a while." haha

This contraption makes me want to barf just watching the kids spin on it.
Bonus about having a large baby? He does real swell in the bike trailer. Moo sat next to him and Ace rode her bike. We will be doing this again tomorrow because it was so stinkin much fun (to tire Ace out soooo much that she didn't jabber at me the entire way home--oh wait, that's not the ONLY reason).

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