Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Beef Its What Is Not For Dinner

So we bought an 1/8 of a beef side last September. We are still going through it. I feel like we gorged ourselves on a lot of the great cuts (rib steaks, roasts, etc) but after that the novelty of it wore off. We are a chicken type of family. If we really ever do raise meat chickens, we will save so much money. I love chicken meals. I love chicken broth. I think if we buy an 1/8th of a side every year (until Asher is a little bit older) we just might be okay. I may make it a goal to keep it at that amount and make us become bigger vegetable eaters. And make us happy about becoming bigger vegetable eaters. :)

I ran my "no meat for a month-ish" plan and he was all game--which I was slightly surprised about. I don't think we can actually do no meat, but we can definitely scale back... especially with all this amazing produce that is in season. We will just be eating more rice and beans to fill up the empty places in our bellies. It may be a fun challenge.


Heading back into the kitchen to blanch some fresh broccoli for the freezer that we will not be getting to this week. Need to make a plan to finish off 4 zucchini, 2 yellow summer squashes, and about a pound of fresh english peas.

Read a book called Born to Run. Cassie pressured me to do it, had a copy on her kindle AND played with my kids for a few nights while she's been here... so I polished it off (and let my house and cooking go). One thing I found interesting, eat a salad for breakfast to get in more veggies and not feel too "heavy" while you get your day started. Interesting. I may try it. I'm not one of those people that need protein to survive a morning. (just give me sugar... sadly. but I will change that eventually.)

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