Wednesday, June 15, 2011

One Strawberry, Two Strawberry, Red Strawberry, Grey Strawberry... ewww

I made plans for my kids to go to my sister's house so I could go do a really efficient and effective job at picking a boat load of berries today. I do not think I will need to pay for strawberries this year. In the 7 days that our little 6'x8' patch started producing we have harvested 12.5 pounds for us. Two more pounds were given to our neighbor. One more pound was rotten because I didn't pick Monday or Tuesday.

16.5 pounds of berries produced so far. Whoa. I planned to pick 20 pounds to make into jam. Last year I think I did about ten pounds. We ran out of jam at Christmas.

Not paying for berries makes our homemade jam CHEAP. I like cheap.

Those moldy grey ones are disgusting.

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