Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Bite Strawberries and I Bite My Children.


Heard enough about strawberries yet? Not me, man. They are still coming strong. Yesterday I picked another five pounds. Today I picked another pound before the rain had me running very ungracefully back inside. One pound is good enough to get us to tomorrow without losing a bunch to gross goeyness. I'm liking the pace of these berries. I am thinking that this is the perfect size patch for us this year (but I would like to alter the construction just a little to make it more efficient). We have eaten a ton of berries fresh, had some strawberry desserts, canned15 jars of jam, ... and already started opening the cans. I also have about 5 more batches worth of strawberries (for jam) in the freezer just waiting to be processed. The novelty still has not worn off, and I hope it does before the season is completely over so I can restock the pantry. The best part? It is FREE. Haven't even paid to water it because God's been doing the job just fine so far this season.

Our patch is 6' by 8'. It is really hard to reach into the middle to grab those bright red berries without having to step into the raised bed. That wouldn't be such a big deal except it has been super wet this year and I just know that stepping one tiny foot into that bed would compact the soil horribly. Since these are perennials we can't exactly fix the bed easily. We can fix it... but not easily. I'm thinking about adding an aisle right down the middle so we have two beds 6' by 3.5' wide. It'd probably make things a whole heck of a lot easier. Darn that Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew... I wish I'd have found it just a few months sooner last year so I could have seen the 4'x4' method. ohhhhhh well.

Blah, blah, blah.

So Asher is gettin' to be one cutie pie little dude. He has figured out the johnny jump up and likes to really get that thing going. He figured it out on Monday night... and has been going to town ever since. He also learned to roll over but he looks awfully surprised every time he does it. Klobbering his head on the tile floor isn't all that fun so I hope he doesn't register it as negative reinforcement when he happens to roll over.

Moosey is adding a lot of words to her vocabulary. I can't even keep track, although I did try. Just know its a lot. My favorites are some old ones and a few new ones; "Me-Me" = Excuse Me. "Ho-Me" = Hold Me.  And some new ones: "Dobbies" = Strawberries. "Sop, Mama. NO BITES." = Stop, Mama. No Bites. (When I may or may not be trying to bite her.) "Sop, Sissy" = Stop Sister. (When Sister is being a meanie)

And what to say about Acey? She is such a good kid. She is such an easy kid. Seriously. Every once in a while she gives me one HUGE FIGHT that makes me cry, and slam my head in the wall for an hour or so... but then she returns to her normal, helpful, smart, considerate, awesome little self. She insists on "doing school" for hours at a time which consists of us working through this preschool curriculum workbook full of puzzles, games, matching, coloring, tracing, etc. Classic Aayla move; driving down the road listening to Moo scream about needing her bobby. I was fed up and asked Acey (while we were driving, mind you) to quick hop out and grab the bobby and then buckle back in. She looked at me very seriously and said, "Mom, I'm not going to obey you, and I'm sorry, but its not safe for me to get out of my booster while we are going down the road. It will make me really unsafe and I don't want to get lost if there is an accident. I'm real sorry." And how do you argue with that? See what I mean? The girl can practically raise herself now.


Marissa said...

I have never been able to believe the things that have come from Aayla's mouth. I would accuse you of making them up but ... hehe she is such a hilarious girl!

nancy said...

haha If you accuse me of making it up I will require you to come over and visit us... so she could tell you EXACTLY how it is and how we are all supposed to behave. haha